This is the easiest method to find outsourcing companies online and new partners. The cost is unreal for the result. We have a new business project due to the online presence that we are experiencing in full motion now.

Brad Tann CEO

We've been sure that we were on a safe side when starting our cooperation with the engineers from different projects as we were assisted by the legal consultant at Engre.

William Wright CEO

A great platform for finding an offshoring partner in engineering! So easy and safe to use, a number of specialists in various fields! We will surely be back with other projects!

Oscar Anderson CEO

At some point of our work, we've realized that we need help of professionals that are not so easy to find - to be exact, we needed a team of automobile engineers to have a look on our developments. Luckily, we could hire them here.

Emma Brown CEO

It was critical for us to find an outsourcing team that can guarantee using certified software for our projects - and here we go! Our contractors provided us with the certificates and we were sure about signing a contract with them!

James Turner CEO

Great work! Our project was completed exactly according to the instruction we have given, and we were able to monitor its progress which is a big thing when you hire an outsourcing team.

Mia Johnson CEO

This is a marketplace we all have been waiting for a while! So many rare talents and engineering specialists in one place! And the pricing is quite fair for this kind of services.

Abigail Gonzalez CEO

I've been with Engre for a while and here is what I find it useful for: our team has signed two contracts with customers from the US and managed to fulfill all the requirements and the cooperation was simple as there was a project manager who helped in communication with the customer.

Benjamin Baker CEO