About us

Our B2B platform is designed to help engineering companies find reliable partners around the world, increase profits, expand the range of services provided, and enter the global market. We do not have freelancers. All work is performed by certified and verified performers with relevant experience and technology.

Our Mission

To be the most useful and convenient online tool for uniting engineering companies to form a network for "win-win" business solutions.

Admitting intellect to be the main value, Engre pursues a mission to connect two immense sectors: a modern business and intellectual industries. We know what it means to find the rare skills which can help have great ideas embodied. We also realize how crucial it is to provide a relevant safety level of partner relationships.Thus, we gather a community that expands professional horizons with passion and excellence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to form the principles and culture of an interactive partnership in engineering services on the international market, and to offer participants in the market equal access to unique engineering skills and material resources, ensuring synergy and improvement in results for businesses.

Our Values

Admirable results are obtained only when the right values are admired. We are responsible for making great things happen, unique talents prosper and quality service delivered according to guarantees. We hold ourselves accountable for the results you get and look for the ways to make you proud for the business you grow. While providing intellectual collaboration, we treat an intellectual property of others respectfully.

Our Community

If you look for the ways to optimize business and industry-specific tasks or have the rare talents brought to light, we are the community to make both parties meet.

Here we complete work according to initial guarantees and deadlines, which assures an intelligent management of business resources.

Here you attain a possibility to cooperate with a global market while getting a legal, marketing, consulting and accounting support.

Here we are glad to greet you as a blogger who can become an opinion leader with us, discuss the topical issues with like-minders. Let’s integrate our efforts for outstanding achievements.

Here we celebrate intellect.