While businesses have a wide range of skills and opportunities, they are not always enough to cover all the needs of the company, a certain project or employees. Therefore, they have to involve consultants who have experience in a necessary branch and have worked with other companies, so they can provide effective recommendations. A professional consultant will assist you in diagnosing problems and solving them, realize latent opportunities, which you might have never notice before, provide an objective review of a certain area of your business or project. We have analyzed the questions and request which we get most often and have established four possible directions in consulting partnership with Engre.

Accounting & Financial

You can hardly imagine any project that has no financial side. While people involved in it are, undoubtedly, good specialists in their field, they might face difficulties when trying to solve some financial issues. Here are some of the services, which you can get with us:

  • taxation;
  • dividends;
  • fiscal audit;
  • assessment;
  • financial analytics.

Our company provides accounting services in the following areas:

1) Accounting for outsourcing:

  • development and formation of the accounting policy and document circulation of the enterprise;
  • accounting and financial and tax reporting;
  • restoration of accounting and tax accounting;
  • calculation of wages, vacation and sick leaves pays;
  • analysis of financial and economic activities.

2) Information and consulting support:

  • consultations on accounting issues in accordance with with the norms of the tax legislation of Ukraine;
  • monitoring of new legislative acts and changes in the legislation of Ukraine.

Our financial and accounting support can be useful for anyone who needs professional consulting on optimization of foreign economic activity of companies, comprehensive assistance and registration of companies abroad, opening accounts in the best, stable foreign banks for electronic commerce, accounting support and audit of companies, and assistance in obtaining a residence permit or second citizenship abroad. We provide all kinds of international business services to companies and individuals who wish to optimize taxation using exclusively legal financial mechanisms.

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Project management

We provide management services for your projects across the full project life cycle. You can get your project estimated by our experts to be aware of necessary resources, costs and duration. Our level of service is extremely high including 24/7 support, regular and transparent reporting. We also provide support to manage the project efficiently including a visualisation of the deadline, agile project management and we are supported by tools including office 365 and sharepoint.

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