The best way to invest in your company’s future prosperity is to prepare talents in advance. We offer an opportunity that is equally useful for three parties: companies, universities, and students. We have rethought the meaning of a word “internship” and found out which benefits it can bring for real.

For Students

Once a student goes for the internship they are not only a student anymore. While during studies they were able to acquire only theoretical knowledge, here they are able to get practice and, what is more, some working experience, which is usually the most needed fill-in information for the resume of the student who has just graduated and is applying for the first job. Besides, the internship can even turn into the part-time job or the job one can get after graduation: if students do well during their traineeship, the companies will gladly attract young talents to their team. Basically, this is a chance for students to communicate with the specialist in the narrow field all over the world and see their career perspectives as clear as never before.

For Universities

What makes one university more prestigious than another? One of the answers you will get to this question is definitely achievements of its graduates. Why are Stanford, Berkeley or Massachusetts Universities so well-known? Not only for the great professors, deep theoretical knowledge given or much fun during the lab but for the doors they open for their students in real life. The most efficient way to strengthen a theory taught is to use it practically. An intensive practice in international companies is what Engre suggests for universities in this case.

For Companies

The companies searching the long-term success determine people as their main value. Especially those people that possess the rare talents, which are not so easy to find; even though business cooperation is getting more and more global. In order not to be in a rush someday trying to headhunt a needed specialist, you can raise them by providing the internship opportunities for students that do studies in your field.

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