United Technologies Corporation and Ukraine – The Path of Perfection

United Technologies Corporation or just UTC is one of the largest financial and industrial groups in the US that is engaged in many spheres including armament industry, aircraft engineering, construction works, etc. The company’s headquarter is located in Hartford, Connecticut. Luis R. Ceneuvert is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

It is worth to admit that UTC is a large holding that encompasses the following companies:

• Carrier Corporation which is one of the world's leading companies that are engaged in the production of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling systems.

• Hamilton Sundstrand – a defense company that develops and manufactures aerospace and industrial systems.

• Otis that is the world's largest producer of elevators, escalators and moving walkways.

• Pratt & Whitney – a manufacturer of aircraft engines, gas turbines, etc.

• Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation which is the world leader in development and production of helicopters for commercial, industrial and military needs.

• UTC Fire & Security – the company, which is devoted to the production of systems for fire safety and the safety of products and services.

• UTC Power is a company that produces fuel cells and power systems.

In this regard, it will be more effective to investigate the cooperation between Ukraine and UTC taking into consideration one particular company that involves a particular range of services and products.

Otis Helps Ukraine to Move Up and Down

Elevator company OTIS in Ukraine is focused on assembly, installation, modernization, repair and maintenance of elevators, but at the same time it does not produce this kind of transport, let’s say.

By the way, earlier, OTIS was engaged in the production of elevators in Kyiv. But the decision to stop the production of elevators in Ukraine was the result of a worldwide initiative to transform production, aimed at optimizing resources to meet the growing demand. OTIS, which has been operating in the Ukrainian market for 25 years, maintains a leading position in the country, strives for further business development. The company has 500 employees in Ukraine up to date.

It is worth to mention that the company’s product is available in all market segments, including the municipal sector. Nowadays, OTIS is focusing on the new generation of elevators of the GeN2 trademark, which have been introduced in Ukraine in 2016.

According to the general director, GeN2 elevators can be used in different buildings with or without engine room. Their distinctive feature is the regenerative drive, which helps not only to significantly reduce energy consumption but also return the energy generated by the lift engine back to the electrical network of the building where it can be used by other related systems. As a result, it makes Gen2 more energy efficient than conventional systems.

Characterizing the market of elevators in Ukraine, the general director noted that there is a huge potential for the replacement or modernization of elevators in Ukraine, taking into account the fact that more than half of them are older than 25 years. It can be explained by simple history. All these elevators were installed during USSR, therefore, all of them are much older than it should be.

Consequently, one essential question may arise: “Why OTIS?” The general director answers, “Safety, reliability, quality, and customer-centricity”. These are key qualities why Ukrainians prefer OTIS.

By the way, OTIS Ukraine has own licensed technical center, where professionals from around the world train electricians for maintenance and installation of elevators improving knowledge and the skills of employees.

And a few statistics: according to internal estimates, OTIS conveys around 8 million people a day. And the company is ready to continue working in Ukraine for the next 25 years. All the more the income is quite impressive: the net income of the company increased by 5.8% in comparison with the last year.

Web Technology

It is a well-known fact that nowadays modern technologies have captured everybody’s attention. UTC cannot miss this fact so it concentrates on its web technologies as well. In this case, we are talking about the main representative of UTC – its website.

While launching UTC’s website, the Ukrainian development center DataArt was responsible for its elaboration. By the way, the web marketing association officially named the site an “outstanding website.”

Apart from DataArt, American agencies Ideas On Purpose and Atlantic Media Strategies were responsible for design and text content correspondingly. In this regard, it can be said that it was an international cooperation the result of which is an incredible and fascinating website.

Pratt & Whitney - Paton

As it was mentioned above, Pratt & Whitney is involved in aircraft engineering, particularly manufacturing of aircraft engines, gas turbines, and others. The 1992 year was incredible for both Ukraine and Pratt & Whitney as it is marked by launching Pratt & Whitney - Paton – joint research center. 51% of shares are devoted to United Technologies / Pratt & Whitney, and 49% of shares belong to Paton Electric Welding Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The center is working on the problem of the application of processes for the distribution of electric beam’s physical vapor, which is essential for the production of ceramic thermal coatings for turbine blades.

The company's staff is highly qualified workers, engineers, research and office workers, who constantly improve their skills by means of various courses and training. The training program has been implemented in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States.

Currently, Pratt & Whitney - Paton produces goods and provides services with the optimal ratio price and quality in the following business segments:

·         electron-beam application of metal and ceramic coatings to gas blades turbines for various purposes;

·         designing, manufacturing, and servicing of electron beam equipment for the application of coatings;

·         production of consumables for application electron-beam coatings;

·         complex recovery of gas turbine engine components using classical and original repair technologies;

·         engineering of processes, materials, and equipment.

Pratt & Whitney - Paton can be considered to be one of the reliable producers of industrial electron beam equipment for applying ceramic and metal coatings of world level. Therefore, such a cooperation will bring many fruits in the near future.