Ukrainian IT-Company Acceptic – New Member of Israel Yael Group

It has become known that Israel company Yael Group acquired Ukrainian IT-Company Acceptic. The conditions and the amount of the deal were not presented to the press, but in accordance with some estimates, it is in the range of $ 1.8 - $ 2.7 million.

As noted by the founder and CEO of Acceptic, Dmitry Kharchenko, thanks to this deal, it will be easier for the company to build relationships with Israel customers. This deal will allow Israel Yael Group to enter the Ukrainian market.

Dror Har, SVP Yael Group, added that the company made a bid for Ukraine. The company is eager to make Acceptic the base for offshore development. It is also worth to admit that Yael Group was considering several other countries in Eastern Europe, but Ukraine became the key player for Israel company. Nowadays, Yael Group is investing in Acceptic and presenting highly skilled Ukrainian developers to Israel’s technology sector.

Acceptic IT-Company

Ukrainian Acceptic IT-company possesses 2 offices in Ukraine which are situated in Kyiv and Kharkiv. The company is engaged in providing outstaffing services. It is worth to note that the company has always been cooperating with Israel market.

The company specializes in development and testing: web applications (PHP, JavaScript, .Net); server cross-platform applications (Java, C ++, Python); desktop cross-platform applications (. NET, C ++); iPhone, Android applications, etc.

Its staff has 150 employees who are located in two Ukrainian offices. After the acquisition by Israel company, all workers continue accomplishing the customary tasks.

Yael Group

Yael Group is the largest group of companies specialized in IT situated in Israel. Yael Group is involved in IT processes such as software development. Moreover, the company provides management services and presents itself as an outsourcing company. It is worth to admit that its products and services such as integration of ERP and CRM systems are quite popular among big players of a market (here we are talking about Microsoft, Outbrain, Amdocs, Checkpoint and others). Integration of financial and cloud solutions are among the company’s services as well. Moreover, the group encompasses structures the responsibilities of which cover the following spheres: business analytics, digital management, and content management as well.

As it was mentioned above, the group consists of several structures. If more precisely, Yael Group includes five companies, each of which is engaged in a particular sphere:

•        Yael Software and Systems – it is the largest company, which is involved in all IT processes of the group;

•        Yael Integrated Solutions – this structure arrives at infrastructure solutions;

•        IFN Solutions – this company is engaged in everything that is related to marketing. Moreover, implementation and integration of document management systems are also the key responsibilities of this structure;

•        Tulip Information Systems – it provides consulting and implementation services for ERP;

•        Actiview – it specializes in BI & Analytics.

Yael Group believes that its success is closely related to its customers. Therefore, their mission is a long-standing partnership with our customers. The partnership is based on reliability and extensive professional experience. The mission is connected to finding solutions which will help understand the business needs of its customers. This understanding will enable to provide the best technological solution for realizing business success.