Ukrainian-Danish IT Partnership: SoftServe and Sitecore’s Common Goals


Let’s look at one more successful, creative interaction between Ukrainian IT companies and foreign ones that enjoy popularity because of showing high-performance in everything. This time we are proud to represent an extremely effective pair — SoftServe and Sitecore partnership in the digital field.

What to Get Pleased of Ukrainian-Danish Tandem

Danish Sitecore team is intensively working with Ukrainian SoftServe one in order to provide existing clients as well as potential customers with complex cloud solutions regarding all the aspects of digital marketing with the target to satisfy the most hard-driving marketing requirements and e-commerce on every stage of their interrelation. This process starts with the implementation and goes directly to entry into service followed by a series of modifications introduction.

The obvious advantage of their common products is that both companies organize their work in the way so that experts in e-commerce and marketing react and give feedback to clients’ requests quickly and efficiently thus making the service perfect. At the same time, overall operating costs are quite low, which is considered another bonus.

It should be noted that Sitecore highly appreciates enormous IT contribution of their partner SoftServe in the development of a strong IT team players who joined Sitecore teams located in Bulgaria and Poland. These specialists work as the key facilitators of local IT communities in those countries and are constantly involved in participating in various conferences and other events worldwide.

Participation in Key IT Events

This year SoftServe company has been rewarded the prize “Sitecore Site of the Year Experience.” Moreover, Ukrainian IT company is officially represented as Sitecore’s partner in the UK. In Poland, SoftServe performs their work being the gold partner of Sitecore.

In April 2019 SoftServe has proved their great business reputation when performing as a bronze sponsor of the Sitecore Experience 2019 event in London. During this conference, Sitecore was proud to introduce their best professional teams in digital marketing, specialists in e-commerce, experts in analytics, and talented developers from their offices in other countries for them to share their best practices to build up a scheme to business success in IT field.

During this conference, all the participants received a unique opportunity to get to know about the latest news in education, career perspectives, and ideal solutions in order to win both credit and popularity among clients as well as potential customers worldwide.

SoftServe has successfully designed a set of enormously integrated solutions making the most of the Sitecore Platform that includes as follows:

·         Products of Azure Cognitive Services and Sitecore common efforts;

·         Sitecore and Salesforce CRM optimizations;

·         Sitecore and Google Cloud Platform (including Google analytics) solutions;

·         Sitecore Experience Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (in this case, SoftServe performs the role of Microsoft certified solution provider);

·         Powerful integration of Sitecore with Amazon Cognito;

·         Sitecore together with Estimote Beacons interrelation (the last one refers to IoT);

·         Sitecore and their cooperation with MuleSoft solutions.