The US Successfully Launched Antares Rocket Designed by Ukrainian Enterprises

Finally, that happened! This autumn, the Antares space vehicle was successfully launched. To get all the breathtaking details on this event, go on reading this article!

On October 3, 2020, Antares rocket (a launch vehicle of a medium class) has flown off from Wallops Flight Facility that belongs to NASA. The facility is located in Virginia, the US. At 4:16 Kyiv time, Antares has conducted its twelfth (!) accomplished flight.

What They Should Know About Antares Launch

This time, Antares rocket placed the automated cargo spacecraft Cygnus into orbit to the International Space Station (under the agreement with NASA). Cygnus contained approximately three thousand six hundred and twenty-nine kilograms of cargo. The last consisted of the following items:

· Scientific equipment;

· An experimental space toilet (known formally as the Universal Waste Management System. The engineering team on the space station will conduct a series of testing of the space toilet, which costs approximately twenty-three million US dollars, for future utilizing on the station as far as future crews implement missions to the Moon);

· Food;

· Hardware and other obligatory components required for the comfy working and living of the astronauts on Expedition 63/64 on the International Space Station.

Talking about the goals of the Antares launch mission (which are planned to be implemented within the nearest decade), they point out the following:

· The experiment to grow radish titled as Plant Habitat-02 aims to find the ways as well as understand the procedure as of growing plants in space;

· The investigation that will support scientists in creating safer as well as more effective treatments against cancer;

· One more testing will implement a customized 360-degree camera to bring to reality an immersive VR examination that will enable people to feel on their own what the life is within the space station and outside (!) during spacewalks;

· The experiment that will explore an exceptional procedure that could help researchers on the space station to deliver energy and water via making ammonia out of the urea in human urine.

What is The Contribution of Ukrainians?

The key creator as well as the promoter of the Antares launch system is Northrop Grumman Corp., located in the United States. However, the Antares rocket launch would be impossible without a grandiose contribution of several reputable Ukrainian enterprises into its development. Let’s consider that in more detail.

Antares mission consists of three stages (the Cygnus cargo spacecraft is considered the third one). Within the Stage 1, the Antares’s design was created with the support of Pivdenne SDO and physically constructed by Pivdenmash in close partnership with such Ukrainian manufacturers as Kyivprylad (located in Kyiv), Hartron-ARKOS (from Kharkiv), Hartron-Yukom (from Zaporizhia), and many others.

Talented engineering specialists of Pivdenmash and Hartron-ARKOS participated in preparatory work, testing, and launching the Antares launch vehicle. Under the agreement, Pivdenne SDO delivered all kinds of technical support to the launch, gathered, and analyzed telemetry data (in the real-time mode). Ukrainian professionals conducted the full scope of procedures under their responsibility.