Syngenta and Ukraine − We Are Here to Make You Safe

Syngenta is a leading agrochemical company that seeks to increase food security in the world, allowing millions of farmers to use their existing resources more efficiently. With advanced scientific knowledge and innovative solutions, 28,000 professionals in more than 90 countries around the world work to improve modern approaches to plant cultivation.

Syngenta in Ukraine covers three spheres which are devoted to being the main directions of the company:

·         plants protecting;

·         seeds;

·         lawn and gardens;

Plants protection is devoted to providing stable agricultural production by means of modern technologies and innovations. Therefore, it produces a wide range of plant protection products.

Syngenta is also well-known company which is providing high-quality seeds. It offers a wide range of field and vegetable crops, creates hybrids of crops that yield a high-quality and stable harvest. Moreover, it is also a leading company for providing high-quality lawns and gardens for the flower business.

Obviously, Syngenta is the world leader in the production of seeds, but the company can offer much more. Along with the production of seeds, the company integrates the entire cycle of work with it: breeding, production, preparation, and sale. Syngenta offers ready-made protection systems and anti-resistant programs for different cultures, develops and introduces fundamentally new agricultural equipment. However, at the same time, it realizes many other various projects which coordinate with the company’s strategies. Ukraine, in this case, is a strategic platform for realizing these projects.

Combating Degradation

One of the world's largest producers of plant protection starts the new project within the program “The Good Growth Plan (2020)”. It is implementing a project to combat the degradation of farmland on the basis of the Shirokostup farm.

According to the head of the management of Syngenta, the project in Ukraine is designed for 5 years. The land bank of the agro-company is about 3.5 thousand hectares.

Within "Successful Growth Plan" in Ukraine, Syngenta committed itself to increase the efficiency of growing crops such as maize (8%) and sunflower (15%) by 2020 without increasing the acreage, water consumption, and other costs.

The company selected farms from three regions covering Vinnitsa, Kyiv, and Cherkassy, which will take part in fulfilling this obligation.

Syngenta experts have developed for each farm a so-called protocol, the result of which will be an increase in the yield of selected crops. In 2016, an increase in the efficiency of growing in experimental farms was achieved: maize by 5.5%, and sunflower by 6.7%

Syngenta also teaches farmworkers safe production rules. Specialists of the company conducted practical training and seminars for almost 700 farmers, who talked about safety measures and rules when working with plant protection products.

Syngenta has six global commitments within “The Good Growth Plan” until 2020, among which the increase in the yield of the world's main crops by 20% without increasing the acreage, water consumption or the means of production; increase of fertility of 10 million hectares of farmland, which are closed to degradation; increase of biodiversity by 5 million hectares; empowering small farmers (reach 20 million small farmers and help them increase their household productivity by 50%); organizing OSH training for 20 million farmers, especially in countries that are developing; the introduction of fair labor conditions in all parts of the supply chain.

Index Insurance

Syngenta has developed an innovative program of index insurance "MeteoProtection." Together with experts from the International Finance Corporation, as well as by means of the best insurance partners − PZU, using weather data from MeteoGroup company, Syngenta combined the latest world experience and peculiarities of the Ukrainian climate and agriculture in the "MeteoScience" program. For Ukraine, this program will be the first insurance product based on the application of weather indices.

Within the program, agricultural producers of Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk and Kropyvnytsyi regions, using the technology of corn and wheat cultivation from the company "Syngenta", will have the opportunity to insure their crops from the influence of drought. The program will operate during the period of flowering and grain filling. Then, according to agronomic data, plants are most susceptible to the influence of high temperature and lack of moisture. It should be noted that the quality of the data and the weather model, which underlies the mechanism of the program, have been tested in 2015.

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