Qualcomm – Ukraine Conquers Energy Power

Qualcomm is an international company that is well-known for its high-quality and innovative products. The company is engaged in the production of some of the best mobile processors Snapdragon, which are getting better and better with each generation.

Qualcomm was founded in 1985 by Irwin Jacobs and Franklin Antonio, and the company's office is located in San Diego, California, USA.

Recently, the Ukrainian market was impressed by the incredible news – it has become the most valuable providers for Qualcomm. According to statistics, the leader in the number of acquired Ukrainian patents was the American technology company Qualcomm, which had already bought 644 patents. Let’s deep into the projects that were introduced by Ukrainian representatives.

Patents Provided by Ukraine

According to published data, innovation dynamics in Ukraine remains stable: Ukrainians register about 12-13 thousand patents for inventions and utility models annually. It is worth to admit that compared to other countries, many particularly useful models are registered in Ukraine – their share in all registered inventions is more than three-quarters (82%).

It can be explained by the simpler, cheaper and quicker procedure for registering a utility model in comparison with the design of a patent for an invention.

Most often, Ukrainian residents patent their inventions abroad in such areas as construction engineering, pharmacology, medicine and veterinary science, metallurgy, transport.

By the way, the basis of the report is the patent databases available in the Derwent Innovation and Derwent World Patent Index. Both products are provided by Clarivate Analytics, an international company that is one of the world leaders in developing similar solutions. Therefore, you can see that each patent has an owner and there are authors of these patents. The authors were classified in two ways. The first way implies the country of a particular patent. Let’s say it is the place where it has been invented. These are patents declared in Ukraine through Ukrpatent, then in the USA, Europe and so on. The second way is determined by the nationality of authors, in such patents at least one author is a citizen of Ukraine. At the same time, they can be submitted, for example, by Ukrainian developers from their US company directly to the United States.

Mostly, Qualcomm has bought patents on inventions not on utility models from Ukraine. 3 out of 4 university leaders are agrarian or related to agriculture. But generally, a significant portion of patents in Ukraine belongs to individual inventors.

Quarterly, Qualcomm spends $ 5.5 billion on research and development on a global scale. And by the end of 2017, patents brought $ 5.1 billion which is an incredible amount.

As for patents bought by Qualcomm, then most of them are related to communication. Which one? As you know, IT is one of the three most important sectors of the economy in Ukraine. IT forms about 3% of the country's GDP.

According to statistics, 2 629 patents are issued in Ukraine annually. However, most of them are related to communication, not to software development. In this regard, the key technology is lead communications, which cover approximately 400 patents. To essential technologies, we can also include the wireless technologies, data transmission, graphic objects and video processing.

Therefore, Qualcomm is eager to acquire as many patents from Ukraine as possible. The reason for that fact is simple – Qualcomm is an international company and strives to provide a high-quality product. Therefore, it values innovations and developments.