New Video Delivery Solutions as a Result of Effective Partnership of Globallogic and Harmonic

Close partner relations between Globallogic and Harmonic are considered as one of the most successful interactions in Ukraine and abroad in the sphere of video delivery. Let’s discover why this opinion is true.

Details Regarding the Team Play

Harmonic is an IT company from the US. It is considered the world leader in the sphere of high-quality video delivery solutions.

If they mention that partnership between Ukrainian Globallogic company and American Harmonic Inc. started in 2012 and is still topical nowadays, they have the right to confess that both teams highly appreciate such integration. Since that time the team who currently works on the common project in Ukraine has solidly grown.

The division at Globallogic that deals with Harmonic works on the developments for high-quality video transmission. Globallogic office possesses one of six R&D-centers of Harmonic that include research and development. They started up the process in 2012 with the team as of around fifteen specialists. In 2019 the total number of team members includes about one hundred and seventy IT professionals.

How does the organizing of video delivery testing look like in real time? In one of the IT labs at Globallogic a specific cam is fixed which transmits a particular video to the screen with a slight delay. Engineers explain that in reality (during TV broadcast) this video comes out from the cam directly to space satellite, and then it comes back, they process it and the final “image” appears on the screen. What is the most exciting about that is all those stages are implemented for just a few seconds!

This video comes to smartphones with some more delay comparing to TV. This wonderful solution enjoys popularity with foreign TV channels. Moreover, this field possesses its own server room with data storage capacity as of 5 petabytes.

So far, the project on video delivery is acknowledged as the biggest projects at Globallogic concerning the number of specialists involved.

The Most Significant Solutions

Mutual contribution of Globallogic and Harmonic to achieve their key goals has led to the introduction of really powerful projects that currently fix absolutely new standards on the market. Let’s consider those projects:

·         CableOS is the solution for content delivery of cable operators that is possible with the help of a compact energy-saving platform. CableOS provides the operators with the opportunity to save space resources as well as the power supply for ninety-two percent comparing to a few alternative options;

·          VOS Cloud is considered a cloud-platform for media data processing that grasps the whole cycle of video delivery. This solution allows television operators launching new channels in a quick and simple manner. Among VOS Cloud users they mention Canal+, FOX, BBC, and others.

In just four years, Globallogic has noticeably increased their successful partnership with Harmonic by the amount of 1,000 percent, designing a completely new organic section of Harmonic's international infrastructure.