Metinvest on International Market

2006, Mining and Metallurgy

Metinvest is an international vertically integrated mining and metallurgical company that owns enterprises in Ukraine, Europe, and the USA. This company controls every stage of the production chain related to mining including ore and coal mining, coke production, production of flat, profiled steel, and large diameter pipes.

It is worth to admit that Metinvest has received international certificates of conformity in three directions – the system of quality management, labor protection, and environmental safety. Such a fact serves as a guarantee of success for international projects where Metinvest takes the lead.

Mining Sphere

Metinvest is one of the largest manufacturers of IORM in the world and is the leading company in this sphere in Ukraine. Moreover, the company is engaged in producing coal as well that makes it the largest manufacturer and distributor in Ukraine.

it is worth to admit that Metinvest Group includes enterprises for the production of coal and United Coal Company is one of the most bright representatives in this sphere.

United Coal Company produces coal in the USA. In 2009 United Coal Company entered the Metinvest that became a loud international cooperation.

According to the methodology of U.S. Securities Exchange Commission standards, as of December 31, 2009, the company mined approximately 151 million tons of high-quality coals, most of which is high-quality coking coal. The production capacity of the four subdivisions of United Coal Сompany exceeds 9 million tons of coal per year (9.2 million tons).

Such brilliant rates indicate that Metinvest is an enormous company that covers a huge part of coal production in the world.


Metallurgical enterprises of Metinvest Group include 12 factories located in Ukraine as well as Western Europe. It should be noted that the metallurgy orientation of Metinvest is one of the most powerful – it encompasses various plants that are able to provide a humanity with a high-quality product and transfer it to various countries.

As for the international market, Metinvest cooperates with Ferriera Valsider – a factory that is located in Italy and produces about 500 thousand tons of plate and rolled products per year. By the way, in 2006 the company produced 515,000 tons of flat steel, which was sold for more than 265 million euros. Such a deal was the most successful for both parties.

Moreover, we could not forget about Spartan UK – the biggest steel plate re-roller in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2006. Its sphere occupies a wide range of thick-rolled products used in construction, machine building, and other industries. An innovative approach in production and sales is the key feature of this company. For instance, a thick sheet is produced on a modern universal thick plate.

As for statistics, the production capacity of Spartan UK is about 200 thousand tons of high-quality plate products per year.

As it was mentioned before, Spartan UK produces thick plates. There are approximately 118 people who are working at this plant – 80 workers and 38 administrative personnel. Such a fact contributes to improving the employment rate as well – the factory only starts gaining momentum.

Ex post, the volume of output is still growing – from 150,000 tons in 2013 to 182,000 tons in 2015. This year they are planning to produce 190 thousand tons of plates.

It is also worth to note that the company guarantees the best performance in terms of product quality and customer service. Such a statement is considered to be a common objective at all levels and stages.

Corporate philosophy also plays a huge role in the company’s strategy. It is based on the care and attention to details throughout the whole sales and production process. Therefore, it provides the customer with the high-quality product that will meet all requirements and needs. The strategy of the company considers success as the development of full potential by stimulating enthusiasm and professional growth of employees.

Service and Engineering

Service and engineering play an essential role in Metinvest business. The reason for this is the sphere of working. Metallurgy, mining sphere – all of these require too many specialists and professionals who will be able to provide all operation cycle. So in order to succeed in this task, Metinvest must have high-quality service and engineering team. And the best one, in this case, is the own one.

So as you can understand, the company includes service and engineering companies with qualified specialists and a modern technological base. Their goal is to develop and implement investment projects, repair and maintain the equipment without attracting external contractors. The development of a specialized business allows reducing costs, using resources efficiently and improving the quality of work itself.

There are two companies that occupy these spheres – Metinvest-Promservice and Metinvest-Engineering. A couple of words about these organizations.

Metinvest-Promservice is the company that specializes in repair of metallurgical equipment and rolling stock of ore mining and processing enterprises of Metinvest Group.

It offers a wide range of services for the repair and maintenance of metallurgical units. For instance, the enterprise specializes in maintenance and repair of objects of the enterprises of metallurgy and industrial construction – from assembly and installation to commissioning of metallurgical units. By means of the technical base of the enterprise and mechanical equipment, it becomes easier to repair electrical and power equipment as well as metal structures.

Metinvest-Engineering is the company that realizes major strategic investment projects. The key suite of services encompasses investment planning and analysis, general contracting and designing, construction stage, planning and transportation, estimated calculations, etc. If you want to cover more issues that are a part of Metinvest Ukraine, you should go here .

So as you can see, the main consumers of Mentinvest are the leading enterprises of heavy engineering, shipbuilding, car building, mining and metallurgical complex, hardware and coal industries. Generally, more than 260 enterprises in the domestic market and over 140 enterprises abroad.