IT Ukraine and JASIPA: New Opportunities for Both Participants

The IT Association of Ukraine signed a memorandum of cooperation with the JASIPA. JASIPA (Japan System Innovation Partners Association) is a group of venture IT companies situated in Japan. The memorandum was signed on May 8, 2019, which makes it a significant day for both participants.

It is noted that memorandum plays an important role in both countries. For instance, Ukraine will break new ground for international cooperation with the most advanced country in the context of innovations. Therefore, Ukraine will have more opportunities to deep into the world of modern technologies and familiarize with the new processes and techniques.

The Japanese administration noted that this memorandum would open new opportunities for the development of the IT sphere not only on the country level, but it will influence the whole world as well.

If we are talking about benefits which Japan will get, we can assume that JASIPA members are interested in cooperation with Ukrainian IT companies and specialists in order to have a possibility to promote Japanese software services in Ukraine.

IT Association of Ukraine

Ukrainian Association "IT Ukraine" includes more than 50 IT companies which are engaged in providing IT services all over the world. Generally, the range of company’s services includes software development at various levels of complexity; creation of Internet services and Internet systems; development of the company's IT strategy; consulting services (audit, inspection, preparation for the implementation of complex projects) in the field of information technology, etc.

Association "IT Ukraine" has been operating successfully since 2004 and provides its services around the world. Leading companies in the field of information technologies, including Miratech, SoftLine, and Ukrsoft, were the key players in launching this organization. It is worth to admit that association "IT Ukraine" is the largest IT community, which has proved its success through many years of working in IT sphere.

From 2011 to 2019, the number of IT specialists was increased by 144% and currently it is equal to 120 thousand of highly qualified specialists. By the way, it is worth to admit that Ukrainian Association "IT Ukraine" forms 50% of the total IT industry revenue in Ukraine.


The Japanese IT market is the third largest steadily growing area in the world. Its volume reaches $ 340 billion a year. For comparison, it is almost 10 times more than the projected income of the entire budget of Ukraine in 2019.

The largest segment of Japanese IT is the development and sale of software: custom, embedded, batch. Moreover, it also includes game development. According to various estimates, software accounts for 50–80% of all market revenues. Also, there are large segments of data processing and online services. At the same time, the country sells innovations and buys them abroad as well.

JASIPA brings together more than 70 Japanese companies interested in cooperation and promotion of Japanese software services in Ukraine. The members of JASIPA are software companies which provide their services to many countries around the world. But it is worth to admit that Ukraine has become the first European country with which JASIPA signed the memorandum.