If I could fly...Progresstech Ukraine can!

It is a well-known fact that Ukraine is famous for aircraft engineering and it can be proved by various successful projects realized on the territory of Ukraine. Progresstech Ukraine, in this case, serves as an indicator of Ukrainian success.

The engineering company "Progresstech-Ukraine" was established in 2007. It is part of the international group of companies "Progresstech". There are two offices that are located in Ukraine: one of them is in Kiev and representative offices are in Kharkiv and Lviv as well.

Progresstech Ukraine is engaged in realizing various projects that are related to aircraft engineering. It contributes to the development of the aircraft industry as the whole as it influences the building process of airplanes as well as its “place of residence” – airports. Let’s sum up the key projects of this company.

Progresstech Ukraine and Boeing

The company “Progresstech-Ukraine” takes part in Boeing programs that are related to all modern families of models 737, 747, 777 and 787, including the newest aircraft 737 MAX, 777X, and 787-10.

The engineering team of Progresstech-Ukraine encompasses different kind of works including strength analysis of key components’ designs (airframe,) the modeling of the carcass elements, aircraft systems and interiors, the technological support of aircraft production, the preparation of operational documentation and interaction with aircraft operators. All of these types of work is commissioned by Boeing, so this provides an opportunity to expand working responsibilities.

Progresstech-Ukraine is a strategic partner of Boeing in Ukraine. The cooperation of the companies began in 2013. Over the past year and a half, the volume of Boeing projects related to Progresstech-Ukraine has increased almost threefold. It proves that engineering services in the aircraft industry, where Boeing is the main customer, currently make up 82% of the total volume of services provided by Progresstech-Ukraine.

The cooperation of Progresstech-Ukraine with Boeing also covers educational projects for additional training of students. Program is eager to involve the teaching staff as well, strengthening the practical component of Ukrainian engineers for future training.

It is also worth to admit that there is an impressive increase in the necessity of engineering services from the Ukrainian aviation market entities. Considering the obvious rebirth of air transportation, managers of Ukrainian airports, who need to think moves ahead, are preparing for attracting new airlines and the greeting new types of aircraft. Obviously, a lot of companies need to update the infrastructure in order to be able to accept new passenger flows. In this case, Progresstech-Ukraine is ready to cover all necessary issues.

Progresstech Ukraine and Spirit AeroSystems

Spirit AeroSystems is the largest direct supplier of aggregates and components for leading aircraft manufacturing enterprises. Progresstech Ukraine gradually started to cooperate with this company thanks to programs such as Gulfstream (G250 / 280, G650, Learjet 85), Bombardier (C-Series family), Cessna (Columbus), Airbus consortium engineering centers (A320, A350-900, A350-1000).

Generally, Progresstech Ukraine’s suite of services covered the field of design (including strength work) and technological support for the production of wing design elements. Below are indicated the most intensive works provided by Progresstech Ukraine:

·         static calculation of the wing design elements including deviations from the design configuration (leading edge, tip, nose, and tail of the wing, aileron, spoilers, flap, ribs, caisson, fastening components of the onboard systems, brackets for fixing to the fuselage);

·         modification of wing flaps;

·         preparation of materials for aircraft certification;

·         maintenance the production of experimental, pre-series and serial designs of the wing design;

The program Gulfstream occupied strengthening studies that were asked from Progresstech Ukraine’s side. Such studies covered static testing of the elements of the wing design, analysis of the causes of destruction based on test results, suggestions for optimization of structures, and static calculation of the wing’s mechanization. Calculation of fatigue elements of the power set and creation of certification reports for details were also a responsibility of Progresstech Ukraine.

As for Cessna projects, the works were limited only to design sphere including the design of power window rims of the passenger cabin, elements of the construction of the floor, the design of the forward part of the fuselage, baggage section, etc.

As you can see, Progresstech Ukraine played a great role in implementing key programs launched by Spirit AeroSystems. Its contribution to the design and engineering sphere helped to succeed and get the desired results.

Progresstech Ukraine and Japan Jet

Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) is a turbofan regional airliner designed and manufactured by the Japanese aircraft building corporation Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation. This corporation was founded in 2008 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Toyota Motor Corporation. This company is considered to be one of the most productive companies in the world and its effectiveness and developments were marked with great success that was noted by the whole world.

Mitsubishi Regional Jet is the first passenger liner designed in Japan. It was the program for the production of the YS-11 aircraft, created in 1962. Notably, that the design of structural elements of a pylon-bearing streamlined structure for fastening the engine nacelle to the wing was made by Progresstech Ukraine. Such a project required from Progresstech Ukraine the following:

·         creation of 3D models of system brackets – structures for fastening components of onboard systems (electric and hydraulic systems);

·         development of installation models (modeling of installation of brackets on a pylon);

·         modification (modification of 3D models) of system brackets;

·         creation of digital definition;

By the way, support of production was carried out at the customer's premises – the company Spirit AeroSystems, which supplies pylons for MRJ as well.

Cooperation with Russia

Progresstech Ukraine was also a partner for two Russian projects – Sukhoi Superjet 100 and МС-21.

The key task for МС-21 was to design the control surfaces (plumage elements) and wings of composite materials. It means that Progresstech Ukraine has to implement design calculations of parts and structures, the creation of 3D-models including analysis of static and fatigue strength, finite element simulation, etc. The design of the prototype elements of the wing was also a responsibility of Progresstech Ukraine.

As for Sukhoi Superjet 100, participation in this project implied design of hydraulic and fuel systems, aircraft control systems, the performance of calculations for details from composite materials and metal alloys, preparation of certification reports for wing parts and assemblies, creation of operational and technical documentation for the aircraft.

It is also should be noted that Progresstech Ukraine is the engineering and service company so it does not develop the final product – it only participates in its development. Moreover, it can be said for sure that the company is the supplier of intelligent engineering solutions and conducts specific strength calculations, creates digital models of specific details, which are used in the creation of the aircraft as a whole.