General Electric International Shows Ukraine the Way of Success

1993-2018, Technologies

General Electric, abbreviated as GE, is an international corporation, operating in many industries including financial services of more than 100 million consumers. General Electric produces a huge range of products for the power and electrotechnical industries, transport, and healthcare. General Electric has representative offices in more than a hundred countries around the world, and the general staff of the corporation staff exceeds 300 thousand employees.

The key directions of General Electric cover:

·         electrical and electronic equipment

·         production of equipment for film and video shooting

·         dental equipment

·         equipment for hospitals and other medical institutions

·         manufacture of aircraft engines and its components

·         lighting products, including lamps, various components

·         household audio and video equipment

·         various household appliances and appliances, etc.

As it was mentioned above, the company has many representative offices around the world, which confirms its intention to cooperate with companies on an international level. As for Ukraine, it is worth to mention that the company operates in Ukraine since 1930 (when Ukraine was the part of the Soviet Union). In the 30s, GE supplied 5 turbines for the first Ukrainian hydroelectric power station, and after the Second World War helped to restore it.

In 1991 the company opened its representative office in Ukraine. The most active activities in Ukraine are:

·         GE Appliances – distribution network for the sale of household appliances, which covers the whole country.

·         GE Capital Aviation Services – leasing "Boeing" to "International Airlines of Ukraine".

·         GE Lighting – distribution network for the sale of incandescent lamps of different types.

·         GE Medical Systems – the implementation of medical equipment (the direction has been operating in Ukraine for 10 years, and it is developing rapidly).

·         GE Power Systems – cooperation with Ukrgazprom on the modernization of compressor units, cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and private energy companies on the modernization of existing and construction of new power plants.

·         GE Harris – promotion of the latest SCADA equipment and EMS on the market.

Let’s discuss the most essential projects conducted by General Electric in Ukraine.

First Locomotive

Recently, the Ukrainian market was impressed by the news: the American company General Electric signed an agreement with the Ukrainian Kryukov Carriage Works about the 10% localization of production of 30 TE33A Evolution series locomotives.

Obviously, the beginning of localization is an important step for General Electric in Ukraine and the direct involvement of local producers is an essential component of success. Moreover, the company hopes to prolong the contract in 2019, as envisaged by the quadripartite agreement.

As for the project, it is referred to bringing the systems with Ukrainian standards in terms of specificity and operation on Ukrainian roads. This percentage of localization includes the installation of a security system, information collection, signaling about problems and fire extinguishing, etc. Moreover, it also covers product certification and testing. After that, General Electric gives the diesel locomotive, which will correspond to all Ukrainian standards.

According to the agreement, General Electric modernizes up to 75 locomotives and supplies to Ukraine up to 225 Evolution diesel locomotives in 15 years. At the first stage, GE will supply 30 TE33A diesel locomotives that are worthy of $140 million. Thus, one locomotive will cost 4.66 million dollars.

Definitely, this cooperation will bring many benefits to Ukraine:

·         more investments: the contract with the global industrial giant means that Ukraine received a serious patronage.

·         revitalization of Ukrainian industry: Ukrainian manufacturers of elements and parts for rolling stock will be able to become suppliers of General Electric.

·         modernization.

Health and Energy

General Electric is considering the possibility of further cooperation with Ukraine, the following accents in work can be renewable energy and health.

According to a representative of General Electric, as for the sphere of public health services we can talk about the supply of diagnostic equipment for the development of telemedicine in small towns and villages. Nowadays, the Office of the National Research Council explores the possibilities for implementing such a project in Ukraine.

Moreover, as it was mentioned above, GE Medical Systems is one of the most active divisions that operate in Ukraine. The company’s expertise in medical visualization and diagnostics, information technology, patient observation systems, medical research, biopharmaceuticals and drug development are focused on early detection of diseases and individual treatment for each patient.

The company provides both basic service and high-tech services with additional functionality, thereby helping users to ensure high quality of patient care.