Elon Musk Sees the Future in Ukrainian Space
There is a new resonance in the world: Elon Musk has determined the second best quality products in the world (of course, the first ones are produced by Elon Musk). It became a rocket “Zenit” – a product of Ukrainian space engineering.
Confirmation of a Great Businessman

Such a statement was pronounced by Elon Musk while interviewing CNN journalists. They asked him about the rocket, which he considers to be the best: “The Zenit is probably next best rocket,” – answered Elon confidently.
Elon Musk is one of the most successful businessmen in the world in the IT industry, he creates the future right in front of our eyes. Elon is a billionaire, a genius, a philanthropist, a handsome man, and is considered to be the real prototype of the cinematic Tony Stark.
Elon Musk is a founder of renowned service “PayPal” – the largest debit electronic payment system. It allows customers to purchase things on the Internet sending and receiving money via this service.
In 2002, Elon Musk founded his new company, which is called “SpaceX.” Its main goal is to launch manned and automatic aircraft into space. For decades, the development of extraterrestrial space was the prerogative of large governmental institutions. And only nowadays space has become of great interest to private structures. Currently, SpaceX is the most successful company.
The main flying vehicles of SpaceX are rockets of Falcon class: Falcon 1, Falcon 9 and Falcon 9 Heavy. They can carry a useful cargo in orbit weighing up to 53 tons, and these indicators are constantly being improved. Now the Falcon 9 Heavy is considered to be the most powerful American launch vehicle.
Ukrainian Power

After such an impressive credential of Elon Musk and its company SpaceX, the confirmation and acknowledgment Ukrainian “Zenit” to be the next best space rocket are a real reason to be proud of Ukrainian engineers.
It is worth noting that state enterprise "Yuzhmash" and S7 Sea Launch Limited signed a contract for the production and supply of 12 Zenit rockets. Launch vehicles are used in programs "Sea Launch" and "Ground Launch” with a goal of researching and using space for peaceful purposes within the framework of international space projects.
Now, the enterprise has taken into consideration the production of two modifications of the Zenit-3SL and Zenit-3SLB rockets. It is informed that orders portfolio exceeds $ 350 million for the next few years. Among the main customers of the company are the USA, Italy, India, Korea and other countries.
It is also worth to emphasize on the fact that Ukraine jointly with the US will launch a carrier rocket Antares – the first stage of the Antares rocket.
The structures were shipped from the Nikolayev port to be sent to the launch site. The customer is the American company Orbital ATK Inc. It will receive products in the US port in the state of Delaware.
Hope, such a cooperation will bring many fruits. And we will show Ukrainian abilities to the full extent.