Effective Co-Worker for Supermarkets: Loader “Robotic Arm” from Globallogic

Ukrainian developers from IT company Globallogic introduced one of their latest projects — Robotic Arm, aimed at giving overall support to warehouse workers. Unveil the details in this article!

The engineering team of the Ukrainian office of Globallogic has created a prototype of robotized arm based on the technology of computer eyesight. According to the technical implementation, Robotic Arm is capable of distinguishing objects to work with and successfully functioning at warehouses.

Robotic Arm for Warehouse Needs

Globallogic representatives report that this highly effective robotic solution on the basis of artificial intelligence is an ideal companion to cope with the stock at warehouse systems.

Robotic Arm is able to “notice” hard objects and perform all required manipulations with them. For instance, the device lifts an item, unpacks it, replaces it to the target location, and even sorts objects according to specific departments at a warehouse. In other words, this solution functions as if being a person who works as a loader!

Globallogic developers created the project of automatized loader Robotic Arm through the request of American multi-billion supermarket chain. During the process of project construction, Ukrainian engineers were responsible for architectural design and the development of goods. The last step included the identification algorithm of 3D model of a basket, introduction, testing, and system upgrading based on deep machine learning algorithms.

What to Expect from Robotic Arm

During a special IT conference on 15 th May in Kyiv, a group of Globallogic departments successfully summarized what projects were realized in Central and Eastern Europe in 2018. Additionally, on this day in a demo zone, there were represented a few exciting products developed by Globallogic. Guests of the event enjoyed a unique opportunity to observe Robotic Arm in operation.

A few participants were pleasantly surprised by the ability of Robotic Arm to sort out multi-colored objects in different boxes. This was performed proficiently for several seconds!

After the conference, Globallogic received the feedback concerning the future of Robotic Arm. People are sure that this device is an absolutely innovative approach to optimization of human labor use (which is really hard) at warehouses. In practice, it will help to robotize the performance of various complex manipulations at warehouses and factories. This will definitely reduce risks of getting injured for personnel during hazardous working process.

The system for distinguishing objects helps Robotic Arm to work independently, i.e. without any kind of interference from a person or operator’s side. Robotic Arm possesses its own “brain.” However, the reaction depends on what type of object it faces.

This new Ukrainian project in the sphere of robotic technologies fully coincides with the demands of the world modern IT trends. Globallogic convinced the audience that they plan to develop in this IT direction and Robotic Arm is just the beginning!

About Globallogic

Globallogic is proved to be one of the three largest IT companies in Ukraine. The company has offices in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Mykolaiv. Globallogic cooperates with more than four thousand technical specialists worldwide.

Combining strategic design, expertise, and integrated engineering in various industries, Globallogic provides customers with opportunities to reach new development levels and accelerates their transition to the digital future.