Design Bureau “Pivdenny” and Cooperation with the USA

Design Bureau “Pivdenny” is well-disposed to the possible future cooperation between Ukraine and the United States. The cooperation will refer to rocket engine building where design bureau is working on strategies of creating a rocket engine production in the USA.

The Sources

Assessing the current situation regarding the dialogue on revising the content of the bilateral partnership in the space industry with the United States, General Manager of Design Bureau “Pivdenny” Oleksandr Degtyarev said that America would handle with space without Ukraine, but it didn't mean that we had no prospects.

According to Degtyarev, the deterioration of relations between the US and Russia has led to the fact that the US wasn’t ready to accept Russian presence in American space. Obviously, it refers to Russian RD-180 engines. As a result, this situation gives great opportunities for Ukraine.

In this regard, the design bureau “Pivdenny” is eager to replace the RD-180 with the RD-815 which is a new Ukrainian marching engine with a load of 250 tons. Moreover, according to the general director, in addition to the marching RD-815, the new Ukrainian marching RD-870 is also of great interest to potential customers.

RD-815 Engine

RD-815 is a marching engine with a turbo-pump system for the supply of fuel components. It is made in accordance with the scheme of the generator gas. The engine is developed on the basis of proven technologies of the Zenit LV. The engine has high energy and mass characteristics.

RD-815 is ready to be used in the most advanced LV of Mayak type. Based on this engine, it is possible to create a line of cluster engines with a load from 500 to 1000 ton-force.

Design Bureau “Pivdenny”

The design bureau “Pivdenny” is a powerful design and engineering enterprise, which comprehensively develops and delivers complex science-driven projects.

The main activities of the enterprise are associated with the creation and operation of rocket and space technology. Developed launch vehicles, spacecraft, and rocket engines meet the highest criteria of modern science.

Taking into consideration the urgent needs of society, a number of conversion activities have been developed. These areas primarily include:

· the creation of technology for the development of energy, including renewable energy sources;

· the creation of certain types of transport systems;

· the creation of agricultural machinery.

It is worth to admit that 30 types of liquid-propellant rocket engines have been developed by the enterprise. And what is more important, 17 of them have been brought to mass production. The design bureau also announced plans for commissioning a new workshop for assembling and testing spacecraft in the very near future. The new capacities, which allow producing and test up to three spacecraft weighing up to 2 tons each simultaneously, are planned to be used for fulfilling the tasks of the national space program for 2018-2022.