Cypress Semiconductor Develops IT Sphere in Ukraine

2010, IT

Cypress (NASDAQ: CY) is a company that offers highly productive, high-quality solutions that are the basis for the most advanced embedded systems today – from automotive, industrial and network platforms to highly interactive home and mobile devices.
The company covers the wide differentiated portfolio of products including NOR flash memory, F-RAM and SRAM, Traveo ™ microcontrollers, the only solutions on the PSoC® Crystal Programmable System, Analog & PMICs, CapSense® Capacitive Touch Controllers, and Wireless Bluetooth BLE ® Low-Energy and USB communication solutions. The key peculiarity of the Cypress is that it offers its customers constant innovation, high-quality support, and exceptional system value.
Semiconductor products of the manufacturer are used in consumer electronics, mobile devices, and automotive industry. Headquartered in San Jose, California, USA the company has many representative offices that are responsible for performing particular functions. It cooperates with many international companies, tries to implement various projects, etc. Ukraine is not an exception, in this case. Let’s consider company’s activities in Ukraine.

Lviv IT Cluster and Cypress Semiconductor

Lviv IT Cluster is a society that joins various technology companies, which by means of cooperation with universities and local authorities try to achieve their goal - make everything that is connected to IT sphere in the city the most powerful and the most effective. We took a lead to conduct systematic modifications in the business sector of the city and the country.
Realization of projects that are devoted to the IT industry particularly its development and promoting the look of the city (new look of the city must be with favorable business development conditions and career development is the essential task for the team.
Cluster’s project activities cover socially important issues. They also try to master new perspective areas, which refer to future technologies and imply international cooperation.
Cypress is considered to be such an international cooperation.
According to the general manager of Cypress, the company decided to join Lviv IT Cluster, as it is a platform for interesting discussions and IT community projects aimed at improving the local business environment. Joint efforts are key features to progress in this case. Moreover, Lviv IT Cluster successfully organizes events of various directions in which Cypress is willing to participate.

Lviv Polytechnic National University and Cypress Semiconductor

The cooperation of the University's scientists with the company Cypress Semiconductor has been lasting for more than 2 years. The result of such cooperation was the launching of the Academic-Scientific Laboratory on the basis of the Department of Theoretical Radio Engineering and Radio Measurement Institute of Telecommunications, Radio Electronics and Electronic Technology Department. Designed for 12 workplaces, it is devoted to performing educational work by students from all departments of the Institute. The kit supplied by Cypress Semiconductor includes a digital oscilloscope, a digital multifunctional signal generator, a set of microprocessors from the developer, a large number of sensors, receivers, transmitters, etc.
Deputy Director of the Institute of Telecommunications of Radio Electronics and Electronic Engineering, Leonid Ozikkovsky told about the joint work of the laboratory and the American company. He emphasized that students, working on the proposed projects, have the opportunity not only to learn something new but also to realize their achievements in a practical sense, implement all ideas and thoughts and successfully work in the future.
Moreover, Cypress Semiconductor provides full scholarships for students who are eager to study at Lviv Polytechnic National University. However, these scholarships refer only to specific programs, which require additional knowledge, skills and unlimited desire to study. Among such programs is the Internet of things – the bachelor program that covers issues such as designing systems in which objects interact with each other and with the environment without human intervention.
It is a well-known fact that IT companies are dissatisfied with the quality of education, the set of skills and competencies that Ukrainian universities provide to their graduates is not at a high level. Knowledge is becoming outdated faster than it can be applied in practice. Therefore, this program was inspired by the future and its necessities, and by means of IT companies and Cypress Semiconductor, this program can contribute to future in the best way.
As for the program, instead of traditional methods, courses are developed in a way that suits IT practices. The focus is made on math, physics and engineering, and soft skills: how to properly prepare and present a presentation, how to work in a team, what to do in case of a conflict situation, how to keep an audience's attention. Students also listen to the Prometheus platform video courses, including the CS50 basic course at Harvard University.
Therefore, Cypress Semiconductor triggers to development of Ukrainian education and at the same time contribute to professionalism of future workers.