Ciklum and Salecto Aps: No More Black Fridays’ Website Downs


Shopaholics are aware of the thing when they hit some of their favorite websites for a few of the greatest shopping days of the whole year. As a rule, grandiose shopping paradise occurs on Christmas sale and Black Friday.

So, every IT professional who deals with website aspects knows that such events, as well as a particular period leading up to those events, are identified as extremely trafficked time. This happens because consumers buy things via credit card payment type. When the website refuses to accept credit card or some other failure takes place, this results in customers’ disappointment as well as hours of lost sales of retailers.

One day Salecto Aps faced this “unforgettable experience” in the form of unexpected slowdowns and terrible outages on Black Friday. In a partnership with Ciklum, they managed to prevent this failure from happening again. Let’s discover how they succeeded.

Steering the Course to Find the Solution

Firstly, for those who have no idea about Salecto Aps, we reveal this is a Danish company that goes into webshop development and e-commerce stuff. The target they focused on that time was to come up with a solution for Black Friday sale period and marketing campaigns during New Year and Christmas holidays.

So, Salecto Aps team beat a path to Ciklum developers to unite their efforts so they find out an option to make sure Salecto Aps website’s flawless performance during very high loads on holiday periods.

Ciklum engineering team has successfully conducted three steps that are as follows:

·         Scheming period consisted of receiving access to six webshops and their login specifications. Specialists performed a deep analysis of server log with the goal to design product guideline. Additionally, they organized and implemented the workflow strategy (in a testing form). All those things lasted for around thirty-nine hours;

·         Implementation period that lasted for approximately two hundred (!) hours included such steps as testing of server load ways for six particular webshops and analyzing browser variations from the client's’ side. They also tested the server load via Ciklum Performance Framework;

·         CI Designing period with the duration as of forty hours involved configuration testing of both server and customer sides on the client’s structural background using Grafana to provide reports. This thing makes it possible to run load testing independently from the services provider. Engineering professionals implemented Jenkins to upload testing into Continuous Integration.

Fascinating Results

As a result of intensive configuration optimizations, the final product performance rose from three hundred fifty up to five hundred concurrent website users. The great news is that the solution affluently passes the record-breaking period on Black Friday.

Moreover, they are prepared to overcome all other seasonal sales. What is pleasant to hear is the design of performance testing from the client side allows identification of constraint factors such as CSS, Cache, JS, and so on.