Bayer CropScience and Ukraine – Grow the Future

1992, Agriculture

Bayer AG is a great company which is well-known for its developments in the sphere of plant protection products. The company has a huge way to success – starting from 1882 it develops its technologies and strives to reach new peaks. With the acquisition of Aventis CropScience, which is known for its plant protection and biotechnology developments, Bayer AG has significantly strengthened its position in the plant protection market and expanded its presence in the world. The merged company Bayer CropScience is a part of the holding company Bayer AG.

Today the company has its representative offices in 120 countries around the world. And Ukraine is not an exception. The company "Bayer CropScience" has representative offices in 18 regions of Ukraine. Therefore, we can say for sure that Ukraine is a strategic partner for Bayer AG that helps to implement all ideas and tasks.

Featuring the World

As it was mentioned above, Crop Science Division is responsible for the field of plant protection. The division offers a wide range of products, including innovative plant protection products, which cover both chemical and biological active ingredients. It is also devoted to developing the direction of resource-saving agriculture. The structure of the company consists of five regional departments of Crop Science.

Bayer CropScience Ukraine is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian market of plant protection products, offering products of high quality. In 2018 the company offers 74 types of plant protection products, including 20 herbicides, 10 insecticides, 26 fungicides, 15 pesticides, and 3 growth regulators and adherents. Each of the products undergoes thorough research and testing before the mass production to achieve high quality and effective characteristics for maximum safety for people, animals, cultivated plants, etc.

It is a well-known fact that solving the main problems of modern agriculture requires innovative ideas and solutions. Increased plant resistance caused by increasing climate variability will be no less important than developing control of the latest methods of controlling pests, weeds and plant diseases. Consequently, Bayer invests around 10 percent of annual research and development revenue. In 2012 such amount was equal to approximately 850 million euros. Nowadays, this amount is even bigger.

As a leader in innovation in the agriculture industry, Bayer’s goal is to develop the first and best solutions in the field of seed production as well as chemical and biological protection of the crops. By creating a supportive environment for cooperation and interaction between different disciplines of knowledge, cultures, and markets, the company works with external partners, and, recognizing the importance of knowledge of local conditions, it seeks to integrate with global experience.

Ukraine, in this case, has become one of such external partners which is ready to share its experience and knowledge in solving all mentioned above issues. Bayer CropScience continues to invest in new developments and projects and until 2020 it is planning to present about 20 new products from the category of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other plant protection products in the Ukrainian market.

Moreover, the company intends to develop seed sales: 15 new types of rape seeds have already been submitted for registration in Ukraine, and it is planned to enter the wheat seed market next year. In the Kiev region, the company operates a complex for wheat selection and seed production, the products of which are intended for the Ukrainian market due to their adaptation to local climatic conditions. The seeds are also expected to be tested in Ukraine's neighboring countries.

Among the main directions of this activity, we can emphasize on the production of:

·         spring rapeseed;

·         cotton-hybrid rice;

·         vegetables;

·         winter rapeseed for the European market.

The company invests heavily in the modern selection of wheat and soy as well. So as you can see, Bayer CropScience Ukraine has a wide range of activities which cover many spheres of the agriculture industry.


AgroArena Demonstration Centers are welcome to invite guests to visit their fields every year. During such demonstrations, farmers can attend practical workshops on crop growing technologies using modern plant protection products and share experience with their counterparts from different parts of Ukraine.

There are several AgroArena Centers which are located in Ukraine including Poltava region, Ternopil region, Mykolaiv region, Cherkassy region and Kharkiv region. Generally, AgroArena Centers are devoted to performing several functions:

·         popularize innovative technologies in agribusiness in Ukraine

·         educate the youth

·         conduct researches

·         provide recommendations

·         communicate with a society

As a result, Bayer CropScience Ukraine is eager to communicate with a society by means of public activity, which is devoted to promoting its main ideas and strategies of development.


Bayer CropScience Ukraine wants to be not only a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality plant protection products but a partner for all consumers, which can be expected at all stages of management.

The company strives to share all the latest knowledge and technologies existing on the market. That's why the company is proposing to join to Bayer Agro Solution project that operates in Ukraine. Thanks to such a project, everyone will be able to fully realize huge agricultural potential.

Such project covers the following issues:

·         Financial solutions – worldwide practices in financial management and capital attraction.

·         Agronomic solutions, which are modern tools for increasing the efficiency of cultivating crops.

·         Agro-management solution – optimization of business processes and advanced approaches in enterprise management.

·         Sales marketing decisions

Therefore, the company provides the full circle of operations, which are related to all essential spheres of business management.