BASF and Ukraine Grow the Seeds of Happiness

1992-2018, Agriculture

BASF is one of the world's leading manufacturers of plant protection products, such as fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and many others. The company has been successfully operating in Ukraine since 1992.

As it was mentioned, BASF Representation in Ukraine was opened in 1992 in Kyiv and became one of the first missions of major Western concerns. Currently, regional representatives work in all regions of Ukraine and cover the following activities:

·         plants protecting products

·         veterinary and nutritional supplements

·         special chemicals, including products for the textile, leather and oil refining industries

·         various plastics

·         polymer dispersions and raw materials for paint and paper industry

·         basic chemistry

·         materials for building chemistry and much more

Moreover, at the same time, BASF in Ukraine is engaged in various projects of various nature. Below is more information about this kind of activities.

BASF and Laboratories in Ukraine

BASF is launching the BASF Kids' Lab project in Ukraine, a modern interactive educational program which is devoted to chemistry for children aged 6-12.

In a specially equipped laboratory, children can become small scientists for one day − they conduct experiments to learn more about how the world is organized. Thus, in the form of the game, students discover a wonderful and interesting world of chemistry through simple and safe experiments. Therefore, it can lead to the fact that children can become outstanding scientists who will create important inventions for humanity. The chemical laboratory for children BASF Kids' Lab in Ukraine is opened on the basis of the popular science and technology museum "Experimentanium".

This year, a new global program called Clever Foodies was launched under the auspices of Kids' Lab. Clever Foodies means children who really understand food. This program is fully dedicated to the topic of nutrition.

Interesting experiments with fruit and vegetables occur in the laboratory, during which children receive answers to the question "How delicious food can be also useful", "Why fruit is colored, and what are the different pigments", "What is included in the products that we eat ", etc.

Obviously, a simple question may arise: “Why does BASF need it.” The Clever Foodies experiment program was created as part of the corporate social responsibility strategy and the sustainable development concept of BASF. Thanks to this project, the schoolchildren will have new opportunities for training, they will be able to discover chemistry through a practical, experimental approach. Moreover, the program promotes the popularization of scientific research and scientific developments.

Based on the results of 1-1.5 hours of training, participants receive a diploma and a workbook for further experiments. And teachers who participate in the program as well receive suggestions for ideas on how to build lessons in the classroom.

"Experimentanium" is a place filled with the spirit of curiosity and science, where children and adults are not only ready to surprise the world, but also strive to discover and understand it better.

Architecture and BASF

The company's division starts the restoration of the objects of the Sharovskiy palace and park complex. It is a monument of Ukrainian architecture of the XIX century located in Kharkov. The company was inspired by the name of the drug "Arhitekt", which BASF presented to the Ukrainian market in 2017.

The possibilities of the preparation inspired the initiators of the project to take care not only of sunflower but also take into consideration Ukrainian architectural monuments to draw attention to the problem of preserving and restoring historical heritage. Therefore, 25 hryvnias from the sale of each liter of the drug will be transferred to the restoration of selected objects.

The global goal of BASF is not only to restore one architectural object. The company hopes to draw the attention of Ukrainians and the whole world to the problem of preserving national and cultural wealth.

Sharovskiy palace and park complex is one of the most outstanding sights of Ukraine. It consists of 11 buildings located in a picturesque landscaped park of 39 hectares. There are about 150 species of exotic plants. The history of the palace, like BASF itself, has German roots with the agro-industrial component. From the end of the 19th century, the owner of the estate was the sugar magnate Leopold König, thanks to whom the architecture acquired unique neo-Gothic outlines for Ukraine.

Nowadays, the restoration of the complex is an unprecedented event in the history of Ukraine. Reconstruction of the historical complex is an important step towards the revival of the tourist culture of Ukraine and the development of a responsible attitude to the national heritage.

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