The First World Kidney Transplantation

There are people who by their sensational achievements change the course of history. One of such outstanding personalities was Yuri Voronyi, a Ukrainian surgeon who carried out the world's first kidney transplant, forever celebrating Ukraine as a country that gave the whole world a true savior of human lives.

Yuri Voronyi came to the conclusion that kidney transplants can be transmitted in the pathological state of the organism, which occurs after severe poisoning. The first transplant in the world was the kidney from the corpse. Numerous observations of Voronyi, according to which the bodies of the corpses for some time retain vital functions and remain sterile, played a role in making such an important decision.

This crucial event took place on March 31, 1933. To the hospital, where Voronyi was working at the time, there was taken an ill 26-year old girl because of the poisoning of a syllable. Despite all the medical procedures, her condition was getting worse and worse with every new day. It was decided to transplant her kidney. As the donor, there was used a corpse of a 60-year-old man who died from a fracture of the skull base. Under the local anesthesia on the right thigh of the patient, there was formed a bed for the donor's kidney.

So, on April 3, 1933, at 21:00 pm in the surgical department of the city hospital in Kherson, for the first time in the world medical practice, the clinical transplantation of the kidney was performed by a surgeon from the Ukrainian city Chernihiv Yuri Voronyi.

This evolutionary event was written in the Italian magazine “Vinerva Chirurgica” about, where it was noted that the kidney was involved in the blood circulation and began to function independently: there appeared some rare droplets of a clear urine. Although unfortunately, the sick woman died in 48 hours, it was the beginning of the new era in the history of medicine development.

In the post-war years, Yuri Voronyi carried out four more similar operations, all of them with successful consequences.

Recalling that in those years, even the best doctors in the world had not yet had a fundamental knowledge of immunobiology and transplantation immunity. The achievements of Yuri Voronyi gave a huge and powerful impulse to the development of world Transplantology. Sometime later, in Europe, the best doctors began to transplant patients with renal insufficiency from their relatives. Subsequently, an artificial kidney apparatus was created.

The contribution of an outstanding Ukrainian surgeon to the world medicine is invaluable. Since the first transplant of one of the most important organs of a human, 82 years passed. During that period, thousands of people have been rescued from the inevitable death by kidney transplantation.