The Ukrainian Start-up Project “Dron” Will Inspect the Airplanes for Flights

2018, Aircraft

The challenging Ukrainian start-up project from “Eleks” company is unique in the world. It’s about the specific drones with powerful software that are collected by their creators personally. A really wonderful creature has already attracted many airline companies who are concerned about the safety of their own aircraft system.

The team of extremely talented specialists from Lviv (Ukraine) creates drones that make a detailed and precise inspection of airplanes before flights. The international airlines have already been interested in this phenomenal development.

The Ukrainian founder Oleksandr Hrachiov and his team have been working on the project for several years being concentrated on the creation of drones for the needs of aviation. They decided to release them under the brand “Luftronix”. This is a sister company of “Eleks”, registered in the United States. From that corporation, sales of drone aircraft are being carried out nowadays.

The Luftronix team independently manufactured aircraft for the start-up and separately purchased the necessary parts from various foreign manufacturers. Programmers wrote unique software that accurately performs complex tasks: forms the route of the drone and carefully scans important areas.

The copter is oriented in space by contrasting points on the ceiling and the floor of the hangar. These may be dark objects on a light background or light objects on the dark one and they choose their drone on their own. This Luftronix technology is protected by international patents. There are 2 specialists with the copter. One analyzes the information received, estimates the damage and the general condition of the aircraft. The Ukrainians created a real sensation by their start-up!

Drones are still a novelty for the modern world, and the Ukrainian aviation will definitely have the attractive prospects with better financing. So, Eleks decided to take up this problem as well and, as a result, “Dronarium” was born. That is also a successful project of Oleksandr Hrachiov, a fighter of the 79th airmobile brigade and a cyborg under the call of "Mitibi".

Oleksandr got inspiration from his experience of the pilot and a great deal of knowledge about aviation. “Dronarium” is the first school of drones management, which is aimed at the youngest students: children from 4 to 15 years old. Here they learn on drone prototypes and create their own models. So, not only in Luftronix the future is with a cloudless sky but also with Ukrainians with their own cool pilots.

On the account, Luftronix already has one serious contract for the supply of drones. The customer is the American Honeywell Corporation, which produces weapons, aerospace systems, provides transport and engineering services in outsourcing. The company bought 7 drones worth $ 70 thousand each.