The Technology of Welding of Human Tissues

The name of the Ukrainian scientist Boris Paton is known because of his achievements in the field of electric welding, the development of which is applied in space, in the oceans of the world, and especially in the sphere of the medical research.

Recently, a new original technology of electric welding of soft tissues of a man and an animal has been successfully developed, which has been embodied in the modern surgery.

It has been 10 years since there has been developed a new technology of high-frequency electric welding of human soft tissues with the numerous international certificates that allow implementing of such surgical operations directly on a person.

In the early 1990's, there was invented an entirely new method of welding, i.e. a surgical way of joining the soft tissues of the human body. The very first experiments were carried out on tissues of the removed organs. Then there were experiments on animals: rabbits, white rats, and pigs. In the course of these operations, the methods of using welding technology on different organs and tissues were successfully worked out.

Compared with other methods of surgery during welding operations, the loss of blood and the time of surgical intervention are reduced. This means that the medicine for anesthesia is used in a much less quantity. In addition, there is no need for a stitched material that may create problems in the patient's body.

In 1993, the workers of the Institute of Electric Welding together with the surgeons at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery and the well-known Ukrainian “Okhmatdit” Hospital conducted a few experiments that confirmed the principle of the possibility of obtaining a weld joint of various soft tissues of animals by the method of bipolar coagulation.

Since 1994, in the experimental department of the Institute of Surgery and Transplantation, the systematic studies have started on promising technology that can, in case of success, make a revolution in the surgical practice.

Nowadays, up to 120 methods of various operations are being mastered, which are carried out primarily in many clinics in Ukraine as well as abroad. Moreover, these operations are held faster than usual ones, the seams are sealed and the loss of blood is reduced to the minimum.

This method is used even in ophthalmology. Nowadays, numerous successful surgeries when the eye retina is welded are held at the Odessa Filatov Institute and the Kolomyychenko Institute of Otolaryngology in Kyiv. According to official statistics, 80 thousand patients have gone through such operations.