The Foundation of a Helicopter

A few people know that Igor Sikorsky designed his first helicopter with an engine on the rims and according to Sikorsky's scheme, 99 percent of all helicopters in the world are produced.

In Europe in 1911, there was raised the first C-5 engine with a 50-km engine with a speed of 125 km / h and a flight range of 85 km with a maximum height of 500 m. Though, that was just the beginning of the next great discoveries in the sphere of aircraft.

In 1923, there was founded the aviation firm Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corporation, which entered into the history thanks to the creation of the world's first helicopter.

The famous helicopter Vought-Sikorsky VS-300 climbed into the sky on September 14, 1939: the engine was 90 km/s, the speed was 90 km / h. The US government has commissioned 400 (actually 130) combat helicopters for the Army and Coast Guard originally for the United States, and then for Britain with a bomber compartment capable of carrying up to eight anti-submarine bombs weighing 12.5 kg and landing on the surface of the water, land, or a deck cruiser. That model became the first and the only helicopter to take part in the Second World War that became a real sensation that time.

In 1954 the helicopter Sikorsky S-58 rose, which determined the development of helicopter industry for half a century ahead. That is such a design helicopter let out to this day where the speed is 198 km / h and the range includes 450 km.

In 1959, during the visit of Nikita Khrushchev to the United States, the American president, General Eisenhower, drove the Soviet general secretary in Sikorsky’s S-58 model. According to the American historians, Eisenhower had agreed to sell 2 helicopters, for which they did not have time to remove a lot of new items (including autopilot) into the Soviet Union, where they were immediately transferred to OKB Mile.

In general, in the USA there were created 17 basic types of planes and 18 helicopters. Thanks to Sikorsky’s helicopters, there were saved over half a million human lives.