The First Electric Tram in the World

In the history of the technical progress, unfortunately, there are many cases where the primacy in one or another field was lost only because the invention did not cause an interest in the native country of the inventor and as a result, remained at the stage of the prototype. Among such sad moments is the creation of an electric traction tram.

For the appearance of the first electric tram, the world owes to Ukrainian Fedir Pirotsky. This event resulted in a long-term chain of offers, discussions, negotiations with entrepreneurs, calculations of future revenues and all that accompanies the implementation of a major technical project. The Ukrainian inventor, Fedir Pirotsky, overcame the long and thorny path of search and testing, so that the world for the first time saw in reality a sensational creature, namely the world's first electric tram.

In the early 1870s, Pirotsky developed a project for the transmission of the electric energy by means of an iron wire secured by telegraph insulators on wooden pillars and two machines of an alternating current of their own design. The reverse guide was the land. In 1876, Pirotsky improved his experiments on the launch of an electric traction train on an abandoned railway line near the station Sestroretsk. Pirotsky demonstrated the possibility of transferring traction current directly along the rails. The test was successful.

Carl von Siemens (brother of Ernst von Siemens, the founder of the company Siemens & Halske) at that time developed an imperial telegraph and often communicated with Pirotsky, interested in his experiments.

Subsequently, at the Berlin exhibition in 1879, the famous German firm “Siemens” demonstrated a small train with an electric locomotive and several trailer platforms, which could seat back with each other, hugging their legs, several passengers. The driver was sitting on the locomotive.

The crew was used as an attraction. It was still not an electric tram, but it was extremely important that the engine power of the locomotive was fed according to the scheme of Pirotsky, according to the "Engineering Journal". Since that time, the names of Pirotsky and Carl von Siemens were known not only in their native countries, but worldwide.

In an application for the invention of April 5, 1880, Pirotsky described the project of electric railway, and on April 12, before the crowded audience, where was the representative of the firm "Siemens", he demonstrated the project of using electricity for the movement of railway trains with the supply of the same rails on which they rolled the wheels

The world's first regular electric traction line, named "Gross Lichterfelde" in Berlin, was launched by Siemens & Halske in May 1881. But this could not have happened and the world could not even see the electric tram if there was not such a Ukrainian genius Pirotsky who was the creator of the first electric tram schemes.