See the World by Touches: TechnoEyes

According to statistics, there are approximately 39 million people, who have serious problems with sight. That’s why it becomes of great importance to care about such people and find the way how we can make their life easier. TechnoEyes, in this case, is the way that could help blind people to perceive the world to the full extent.

What Is TechnoEyes?

The guy from Nikolaev, Ivan Seleznev, presented the project “TechnoEyes” at the international competition "Intel International Science and Engineering Fair". This is an ultrasonic glove for the spatial orientation of the visually impaired people, which should be very useful in terms of orientation in space.

Ivan Seleznev admitted that the goal of his project is to create a portable device for people with vision disabilities to help them be good at spatial orientation. We all know that this problem is of great importance, and there are very few things that can replace or at least somehow compensate this issue.

Ivan came up with this idea in school, where he started to develop the first prototypes. In fact, ultrasonoscope is a technical embodiment of the phenomenon that exists in nature. Why? It is precisely the way that bats orient in solid darkness. The invention operates on the basis of the orientation of the night bird: it sends ultrasonic waves into the space, and if there is some kind of obstacle, then the waves are reflected from it and come back. Some of them have a sound signal memory – the closer the barrier is, the louder sound becomes, and other work like a vibrator.

A special feature of its invention which has attracted the attention of scientists is the cheapness of the device and ease of usage. Ivan managed to make a device that costs no more than 200 UAH. And it is ten times less than the price of imported similar devices for the blind people. Thanks to Ivan Seleznev, thousands of blind people will be able to walk on the streets without additional help.

By the way, it is worth to admit that a unique ІТТ-laboratory starts working in Kiev, where Ivan with his team will develop a more specialized device for people with vision problems. Thanks to the laboratory, Ivan is planning to develop a final prototype that will satisfy all the desires of blind people and release the device into mass production.

It is quite possible that the invention of Ivan Seleznev will leave uncomfortable sticks of blind people in the distant past. And dogs will become usual friends, but not the helpers for such people. After all, the dog must be trained and it requires much time. And this device is readily accessible, reliable and easy to operate.