Noplag as the Ukrainian Startup Leader Program for Plagiarism Revealing

Checking the students’ works for plagiarism is a very topical issue nowadays for any “respectful” educational institution nowadays. On daily basis, colleges and universities are searching for a few decent online sources that will give numerous opportunities to check the course papers and even dissertations for plagiarism. The Ukrainians also made its own contribution to that by creating the startup project, titled as Noplag.

Noplag is a plagiarism placement service set up for educational institutions worldwide with the ability to download a printed text online and in several seconds the service presents the searching results.

This Ukrainian startup was lucky to become famous worldwide giving thanks to the American Starta Accelerator, an acceleration program lasting for 14 weeks for East European technology startups launched by Starta Capital that is designed to overcome cultural differences, adapt business models, organize sales and attract investment. It supports business in the early stages of development and helping to promote ideas on foreign markets.

Not so much time ago, the American Starta Accelerator selected the Ukrainian startup - Noplag. The Ukrainian project will receive $ 130,000 and the next step will be the acceleration in New York.

Startups were selected on the basis of several criteria: optimal cost ratio, ability to enter the international market and personal qualities of the project's founder. The Ukrainian Noplag became the best one in the sphere of plagiarism investigations due to its innovational approach to checking methods and a decent digital background.
The service can replace any kind of a software program for setting up, executing and controlling tasks between a teacher and a student and a manager and its employees as well. It will definitely become extremely popular and useful for the content writers who want to be sure that their “creations” are really unique ones. In addition, the service is designed for site owners and individual users that will find it as a comfortable tool for controlling plagiarism for their personal purposes.

The Ukrainian Noplag has uncompromisingly deserved this recognition as it made a real evolution by improving the plagiarism searching mechanism and creating a perfect helper-outer for the writers worldwide.