Miracle the One: The Coolest Electric Car in the World from Ukrainian Engineers

A tiny mechanical company works in Kyiv. Things went pretty well, but one day in 2020, several specialists thought about designing sports cars, in particular a fast car with the design of the Formula 1 automobiles of the 50s. The concept is simple but at the same time non-standard, agree?

Why a group of talented Ukrainian engineers decided to develop Miracle the One ? The answer sounds like “we just wanted to change the history of the Ukrainian automotive industry and create the very first electric sports car with neoclassical design.” Since there are no electric cars with retro design in the F1 concept for public roads worldwide, Ukrainian engineers desire to conquer this niche. Double car with the driver's central position and a circulation of 500 items will automatically become exclusive.

When driving Miracle the one, you will experience the same feelings as legendary F1 racers during the times of royal racing birth. All the tech specifications of this car duplicate to maximum the cars of that time like Maserati F250 and Mercedes Silver Arrow w196. Now, let’s take a glimpse at tech features of this miracle (the info on the development is not made public but still we have some intriguing data to share)!

Miracle the One: Technical Specifications

The body of this model is constructed of carbon fiber. It is installed on a quite spacious aluminum frame. Such a design ensures high strength of the structure with reduced weight. The car has two electric motors with total output as of 300 hp. Each of the electric motors produces ten kilowatts of power per kilo of weight. The system also provides the car with a short-term power optimization of up to 600 hp.

The car has a fifty kilowatt per hour battery with a cooling/heating structure for the battery cells. Such a feature not only prolongs the battery lifecycle but allows using fast-charging stations. It takes approximately thirty minutes to charge the battery from twenty percent up to eighty. It travels around five hundred (!) kilometers on a charge.

The engineers have made things safe. It is possible due to the implementation of modern disc brakes (resemble traditional drum brakes), an active roller protection mode, and five-point seat belts.

Miracle the One has a construction with distinctive design elements, i.e. spoke wheels, low landing, long bonnet, and driver central position. The model also possesses wheel guards. The last is provided specifically for those countries where they are required. So, Miracle the One will be perfect for public roads.

Sound engineers designed a unique car that simulates the sound of super high quality of an internal combustion engine. Fans of the Star Wars will appreciate the car because it truly sounds like the engine of the Millennium Falcon.

But what does this car have from the 50s where we experienced the mixture of miracles and recklessness? Miracle the One has no electronic driver assistants! It doesn’t have even a power steering and anti-lock system. So, a bucket of breathtaking emotions in combination with fear is guaranteed for drivers. However, the developers assure us that the car is the result of advanced automotive technology so it is safe. Proper wheels, excellent handling, and high-quality brakes will protect the person inside the One to the maximum.

Who are the Target Customers?

The engineers see the following groups of car enthusiasts as their major clients:

· Private Collectors. These are individuals that possess decent financial opportunities to maintain their automobile collections. Having Miracle the One, collectors will be able to use it as a car for daily needs, enjoying its exclusive design as well as great reliability which have electric cars;

· Formula 1 fans (who may afford to buy such a car). Those F1 fans, who appreciate the history of motorsport, have deep knowledge in that and see that Miracle the One duplicates tech specs of the Fanhio model, will line up for pre-orders;

· Electric car enthusiasts that can’t find a car which is more exciting and exclusive than Tesla (probably they already have the last) on the market. Miracle the One will win the hearts of the fans of eco-friendly vehicles. They will also appreciate the power of around two hundred kilowatts, a battery of fifty kilowatts, and an estimated mileage on a single charge of five hundred kilometers.

What is the Business Model of the Solution?

They suggest a stake as of twenty percent in the company to investors. As it was already mentioned, they plan to produce five hundred cars with the price as of one hundred five thousand US dollars per each item.

The tandem of price and quantity is the golden mean which makes Miracle the One an exclusive and competitive in the market car.

An investment of two hundred thousand US dollars will pay off for approximately two years, taking into account the first non-profit year when they create a prototype. They assure that the investor’s net profit is two million (!) eight hundred thousand US dollars. A profitability index is as of 14.3, provided that all cars are sold.

A limited quantity of five hundred pieces is based on the car price to create a rush. At the same time, it ensures a good price (within the average Porsche 911).

At this moment, the intensive construction work is being done. The very first test car is expected to be released at the end of 2020. The first buyers will receive their cars in 2021.

The Nearest Competitors to Miracle the One

Finally, who are the rivals to the model? The company identifies the following cars:

· Bac Mono. It is a single gasoline sports car for common roads. Its price is around one hundred eight thousand US dollars;

· Jaguar e-type electric. It is a classic electric car costing more than three hundred thousand US dollars plus the original e-type (approximately one hundred thousand US dollars);

· Morgan 3 wheeler. It is a modern tricycle with a retro design. Its price is sixty thousand US dollars.