S.P. Korolyov Joint-Stock Company "Meridian" Upgraded Spectator

S.P. Korolyov Joint-Stock Company "Meridian", which is a part of the Ukroboronprom Group of Companies, upgraded the Spectator unmanned aerial complex, presenting the M-1 model.

According to the information of the enterprise developer, an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft is a new version of the Spectator airline complex, the previous version of which has successfully proven its effectiveness in operation in the units of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

What Has Been Developed?

Particularly, specialists of the plant "Meridian" equipped the upgraded aviation complex with a new ground control station. Using modern materials in the manufacture of an aircraft, its weight decreased that had led to an increase in the duration of flight time. The developers of the aircraft reduced the noise of the electric motor − this will increase the secrecy of its movement. Thus, the Spectator-M1 is already recognized as the quietest drone in its class.

In the updated model, the signal transmission of video is also increased, which now amounts to 35 km. The new unmanned airline has a digital video camera and a thermal imager with increased viewing angles. The cameras are located in quick-change payload containers, which ensures the use of specialized surveillance equipment of various types.

According to the developers of the aircraft, the video recording system installed on it will automatically convert the data about the location of the objects detected during the video recording. Particularly, it will transfer it into the SK-42 system that artillerymen use in their activities when hovering guns. Moreover, the Spectator-M1 unmanned system was equipped with an automatic target positioning system.

Unmanned aircraft complex "Spectator-M1" will be transferred to governmental acceptance tests.

You can find the tactical and technical characteristics of "Spectator-M1" below:

·         Purpose − the implementation of aerial reconnaissance

·         The practical ceiling of application − 3000 m

·         Speed − 120 km / h

·         The duration of the continuous flight − 3 hours.

·         Video transmission range − 35 km.

·         The maximum flight route is 200 km.

Thanks to the aircraft’s configuration of the new modification of the parachute, the speed of its landing will also decrease significantly. The battery charging system has also been updated: the charger has become less in weight, and the rechargeable batteries can now be charged while being connected to the vehicle electrical system.

And as you can see from the tactical and technical characteristics, the Spectator-M1 unmanned aerial system will allow the aircraft to rise to an altitude of 3 km. Its maximum speed will be up to 120 km / h, and the maximum flight route − up to 200 km, uninterrupted time in the air − 3 hours.

According to the developers, the new upgraded version of the Spectator drone will allow demonstrating excellent security indicators from electronic warfare. Owing to the use of protected communication channels in its system, this airline complex will be able to enter the airspace protected by enemy electronic warfare systems, reconnaissance, transmit the image and target coordinates, and then return to the base.


The Development of "Spectator-M" began in 2015 with the participation of students of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. In January 2016, the Ukroboronprom group of companies handed over to the military the first batch of unmanned systems. "Spectator-M" was adopted by the State Border Service of Ukraine. By the order of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine No. 644 of December 5, 2017, the Spectator-M unmanned aerial systems were authorized for use in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a special period. Now more than 30 aircrafts "Spectator-M" carry out air monitoring of the state border. As of November 2018, Border Guard drones made more than 1,500 successful sorties and landings.