“Latrax” - Innovations to Fight Epilepsy

2018, Medicine

In the Congress Impact18 there took part 250 speakers. In the discussions with the participation of 6,000 people, eight thematic sectors were identified, including "science for business," "transport," "energy and the environment" and "industry 4.0". The jury evaluated the numerous presentations based on the basic four criteria that include the startup team, the problem it solves, the degree of readiness to enter the market and the competitiveness.

“Latrax” as the Epilepsy Fighter

The real sensation among the start-ups in the field of medicine was made by the Ukrainians (the winners of the first Ukrainian contest of biomedical start-ups MBioS Challenge organized in 2018 by the House of Innovations) with a phenomenal project called “Latrax”, which proposes to deal with such disease as the epilepsy by the electrostimulation of the vagus nerve.

The “Latrax” team with its leader Irina Goi has developed the design of the devices that, with the help of the electrostimulation of the nervous system, especially the vagus nerve, helps the people who suffer from the neurological disorders such as the resistant epilepsy, depression, etc., which is one of the most urgent problems nowadays due to the critical missing of the quantity of innovative methods of treatment of these diseases.

The Ukrainian startup team consists of two neurosurgeons, two engineers, and a neurophysiologist. The authors of the project suggest several devices that can be used to treat various neurological disorders, in particular, depression and pain syndrome. According to the “Latrax” presentation, Irina states that the stimulation of the vagus nerve can become the alternative to drug therapy.

Excellent Quality for Reasonable Price

Nowadays, the market offers a few alike devices worth 20 000-25 000 euro, however, the new development proposed by the Ukrainian company can start up the new approach. Latrax neurostimulators will cost around 5,000 euro.

The team managed to make the device cheaper by means of engineering enhancement of the device. That is the real revolution made by Latrax team. Soon the absolutely innovational diseases treatment opportunities will be given to people worldwide due to the efforts of the Ukrainian “Latrax” team.

“Latrax” as the Most Expected Device in Europe

By the way, the Ukrainian development of the universal neurostimulator has caused the extreme interest of one of the key experts of the Congress Impact18 event. The pleasant commentary given by DN Capital analyst Thomas Rubens surprised the Ukrainians in the good sense. Rubens said that conducting research in Europe of the “Latrax” device is a good step because Europe is looking forward to this project impatiently, as this device has all chances to become the real breakthrough in the sphere of medicine.