iBlazr: More Light for Shining

2018, Mobile Technologies

It seems that there is a long way to success, especially to success recognized by the world. Moreover, this way is full of difficulties and obstacles, which are not easy to overcome. However, two Ukrainians – Vladislav Tislenko and Oleg Malenkov – prove that there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Their story of success is a real story of diligence and purposefulness.

Technology & Marketing

iBlazr is a device that is devoted to creating splash while taking photos via phone. Vladislav was always fond of various start-ups and dreamed about launching own one. Moreover, he was interested in photography, especially mobile photography, and the only fact that did not satisfy Vladislav was lack of professional lighting. Therefore, he came up with an idea that would meet all requirements for taking professional photos via mobile phone.

Oleg, in his turn, understood that nobody from Ukraine made a mass production of such kind of device. Therefore, Oleg engaged in PR and marketing sphere in order to implement this idea.

As you can see, these two guys had an innovative idea and prototype of a compact splash, which was inserted just like headphones in phone or tablet.

Market Entrance

In order to conquer the world, Vladislav and Oleg decided to reach international markets. The platform Kickstarter was a great start for them. Such platform encompasses fundraising in support of product in exchange for top-priority access to it. Their case raised quite a lot of money so they could start production. It is also worth to admit that there are several factors that have contributed to Vladislav and Oleg’s success:

·         iBlazr was a unique product

·         Great PR-company

It is media that contributes to getting funds via Kickstarter: the platform is the source of traffic, which turns into the interest of users. Therefore, it influences the amount of money. Nevertheless, Vladislav and Oleg came up with own strategy in a way that they want to make money to produce a batch of products for future realization. Therefore, Kickstarter was primarily a story that allowed to earn a reputation as well as get acquainted with important players. In fact, guys entered the market through the low entry threshold.

As a result, 50 thousands of iBlazr were sold to various countries including the USA and Europe. Devices were sold at the most famous platforms – Amazon, Apple Store, etc. However, Vladislav and Oleg admit that there is room for improvement. And the development of modern technologies proves this statement.