Bloodless Blood Analysis Thanks to the Ukrainian Sensational Invention

2006, Medicine

For almost every person in the world, for small children and even some adults, the blood analysis is far from the most terrible, but still quite unpleasant procedure, which we had to face with and everyone at least once in a lifetime. Data research takes a long time, so the process of treatment is slowed down.

For the solution of this problem, Kharkiv candidate of medical sciences, a leading specialist of the Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Narcology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Anatoliy Malikhin devoted his lifetime. In numerous interviews, Malikhin has always accentuated on the thing that he has constantly dreamt of inventing the machine that gave the mankind the opportunity to get to know about the health status of a person revealing one hundred thirty-one health characteristics at once. Finally, Malikhin together with the Ukrainian corporation “Biopromin” succeeded in that.

The AMP (Malykhin-Pulawski Analyzer) was first registered as a medical device for a non-invasive screening system for diagnosis of blood in Ukraine in 2006. At that time, patents for the non-invasive determination of indicators were issued.

In the process of analysis, the patient attaches 5 microprocessors, and the doctor introduces personal indicators of the patient to the special computer program USPIH, including age, sex, weight, pulse rate and respiration. Absolutely without feeling pain and discomfort, already in 3-12 minutes, you can find out the state of your body for 131 indicators.

Comparing with an ordinary blood analysis, if you use the standard methods, then for waiting for this result you will have to spend from several hours to several days, while you get the results on AMP machine almost immediately.

Moreover, you should not worry about the reliability of the results, as the device has undergone many clinical trials both in Ukraine and abroad, and has received the relevant documents and certificates.

Also impressive there are the dimensions of the device: 160x100x45 mm and an optimal weight of 0.35 kg. The only minus of the AMP machine is the price. Such a miracle of the medical studies costs about 20 thousand dollars. According to the manufacturers themselves, there were chosen such compact parameters in order to adjust the AMP machine to be equipped with teams of ambulances and family doctors.

Malikhin’s sensational invention, of course, with the long period assistance of the Ukrainian corporation “Biopromin” has already gained popularity all over the world. Now the company cooperates with many clinics and institutes both in Ukraine and abroad. They conduct many research studies and constantly improve the technology of non-invasive diagnostics.

In 2010, the AMP machine was recognized as the best medical development and awarded the Golden Ineba Prize. It also received the honorary award of the German Academy of Natural Sciences and the Crystal Diploma of the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia. The inventor gave 19 years of his life to the development of this medical miracle. However, now Ukraine is proud of its development, which has no analogs all over the world.

Today this device is used in more than 20 countries of the world. In a number of European countries, the AMP machine is being implemented in the health system at the state level and prepares for the provision of both paid and free public healthcare facilities.