How to ensure that you are employed after graduation and have a job that truly reveals your talents and strengthens your qualifications as a professional in a narrow specialization? Not every university provides its students with vacancies to choose, moreover, some educational institutions tend to give mostly theoretical knowledge that is hard to apply in a real life.

To face the challenge without any complications, graduates can take a professional qualification course. Some can be taken right after graduation, others require several years of experience in a related industry. This type of studies that are held by the representatives and specialists from various business institutions is not only an advantage that will make your CV stand out among others. It can be also a ticket to getting a job offer from a company which trains you.

The internships lets you be a part of the working process and the team, digging deeper into all the processes and apply the knowledge you got during your university studies on practice. What is more, companies are interested in hiring the most diligent and creative interns who are have an unbiased view and are able to find unordinary solutions.

During the last years, thousands interns took part in the companies’ training programs and received a certification. Having received necessary engineering skills, they do not only upgrade themselves, but the companies they work for. Here are a few of the most demanded courses in engineering you can apply:

  • - science data,
  • - robotics,
  • - AI,
  • - augmented reality,
  • - machine learning,
  • - cryptocurrency engineering,
  • - environmental engineering,
  • - alternative energy engineering.
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