Have you ever reached the point when you feel like the new heights should be achieved? Or are you challenged to take part in an international project which requires new skills and competency? As Albert Einstein stated, one cannot do the same things daily and wait for different results; and the chances decrease when one is willing to face new challenges successfully but is not willing to change for better. Any advancement you desire is preceded by the quality changes in you. The area which we invite you to is called professional development.

Here you can find special programs and trainings to that can help you to improve your skillset, broaden your knowledge, develop your professional competency and increase your general effectiveness during the working process. For those who are looking for a leadership position, you can take a professional leadership course with us. If you do not aim to be the boss at the moment you can acquire new qualifications or deepen the ones you possess taking one of the courses with Engre.

All the professional development and certification programs are held on the basis of corporations and other business units, which guarantee an acquisition of knowledge that is empirical and up-to-date. This also gives an opportunity to the participants to communicate with specialists directly and, therefore, develop their skillset due to an access to a practical background, not just a theory taught in books.

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