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Kharkiv Standard Unit Design Office
Kharkiv Standard Unit Design Office
Kharkiv Standard Unit Design Office Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kharkiv Standard Unit Design Office Kharkiv, Ukraine
Date of foundation 20.03.1962
Jobs done 3
Category R & D
Type of ownership State enterprise
Language En
Industry Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Rate Upon request

Development and production of aviation and space technologies and scientific research

National Aerospace University N.E. Zhukovsky "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" is an educational institution of Ukraine, graduating specialists in the development and production of aviation and space technology and scientific research in the following areas: - research in the field of subsonic and supersonic aerodynamics; - testing new aircraft models using dynamically similar flying models; - comprehensive studies of fatigue and durability of aircraft structures; - development of unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance, mapping, and other purposes; - technologies and equipment for high-speed shaping (explosion stamping, electro-hydraulic stamping, pulse cutting of blanks, pulse briquetting of chips, etc.); - development of technology for welding dissimilar non-ferrous metals; - development of coating technology with special properties (ion-plasma, gas-jet, gas-detonation, etc.); - design of structures made of composite materials; - development of medical computer information and diagnostic systems; - creation of highly efficient aircraft engines; - system design technologies; - development and creation of non-traditional energy systems (using solar panels, wind energy, etc.); - remote sensing of the surface from aerospace carriers; - development of control and monitoring systems for aircraft; - development of hovercraft equipment, etc.