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SMU No24
SMU No24
SMU No24 Kyiv, Ukraine
SMU No24 Kyiv, Ukraine
Date of foundation 20.03.1997
Jobs done 5
Category Infrastructure solutions
Type of ownership A Public Company
Language En
Industry Oil and Energy
Rate Upon request

Infrastructure Design and Construction of Gas and Oil Pipelines

The company performs work on the construction of gas pipelines, oil pipelines, water pipelines of any diameters and categories of complexity, compressor, gas distribution, pumping stations and other facilities of oil and gas facilities and water management of Ukraine. The company is engaged in the design, construction and reconstruction of the following objects: - transport of oil and gas; - arrangement of oil and gas fields; - oil and gas complex treatment facilities; - oil and gas processing and industrial plants; - production of non-standard equipment; - Production by the company ""UCRT"" of polymeric anticorrosive materials used to isolate the linear part of the gas and oil pipelines, welded joints, bends, elbows and transitions of pipelines. All types of insulation work; - renovation and restoration of pipelines by laying flexible polymer hoses. - anticorrosive tread protection by metal (Al, Zn) spraying of oil tanks and offshore platforms. - Repair of gas turbines. Contact us to learn more about cooperation with us.