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MUST-IPRA Corporation
MUST-IPRA Corporation
MUST-IPRA Corporation Kharkiv, Ukraine
MUST-IPRA Corporation Kharkiv, Ukraine
Date of foundation 20.03.2001
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Category Hardware
Type of ownership Sole Proprietorships
Language En
Industry Civil Engineering
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Development of Energy Supply Facilities Software and Hardware Complexes

One of the priority services of the corporation is the production of equipment for the automation of energy supply facilities, the development and implementation of software and databases, as well as the creation of software and hardware complexes for enterprises of the energy, metallurgical, oil and gas, chemical, engineering, transport industries, and government bodies. In the field of power engineering the corporation offers the following engineering services: - engineering for boiler equipment which is aimed at creating modern boilers with improved technical, economic and environmental indicators to replace outdated boilers that need large-scale resource replacements, while preserving the building infrastructure of the boiler and boiler department, or new boilers; - integrated engineering for the heat-mechanical part which is aimed at developing technical solutions in order to increase the electrical and thermal capacity of equipment, reduce specific fuel consumption, optimize thermal circuits of power plants; - engineering for turbine equipment is aimed at extending the service life, increasing efficiency and reliability, increasing the overhaul period of existing turbine equipment; - complex development of boiler installations, starting from the concept to the working documentation and manufacturing technology of the boiler elements.