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UKRATOMENERHOPROEKT Kharkiv, Country object (232)
UKRATOMENERHOPROEKT Kharkiv, Country object (232)
Date of foundation 20.03.2008
Jobs done 7
Category Infrastructure solutions
Type of ownership Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Language En
Industry Oil and Energy
Rate Upon request

Nuclear and Thermal Power Facilities Design

The company is engaged in the design and provision of engineering services for the construction of nuclear and thermal power facilities in Ukraine and abroad. The company has the necessary organizational and production resources for the implementation of a comprehensive design of nuclear and thermal power facilities at a modern level and the provision of engineering services for the construction of the designed facilities. The company provides with the following complex services: - engineering surveys in Ukraine - integrated design work on the heat-mechanical, electrical, architectural and construction parts, as well as parts of the process control system, instrumentation and automation of power facilities - design work on the reconstruction, technical re-equipment and modernization of existing power units, extending the life of nuclear and thermal power plants - technical rationale for the safety of nuclear units - integrated design of gas turbine power plants and combined-cycle plants - engineering calculations for all specialties, including seismic resistance - development of cost sheet, regulatory and standard documentation on issues related to the design of energy facilities functions of the general designer, designer supervision of construction and reconstruction objects, as well as support for other projects - engineering support of projected objects at all stages of the life cycle