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Central Project Design Institute
Central Project Design Institute
Central Project Design Institute Kyiv, Ukraine
Central Project Design Institute Kyiv, Ukraine
Date of foundation 20.03.1949
Jobs done 7
Category Design
Type of ownership State enterprise
Language En
Industry Architecture and Building
Rate Upon request

Design Services for Residential Facilities and Landscaping

Central Design Institute provides design services in the following areas: - Military, Special and Air Facilities; - Public and Residential Facilities and Landscaping; - Industrial, Utility, Transportation and Engineering Facilities. The Institute possesses the state-of-the-art material, technical and data base collected during 60 years of its history. The most valuable asset of the “Central design institute” is its staff with its high level of intelligence. Success of the Institute are based on expertise and high professionalism of its design engineers and their ability to accomplish tasks set. Additional services - Provision of Engineering Survey; - Provision of wide range of consulting services as regards construction; - Provision of technical support during construction; - Provision of buildings, facilities and utilities inspection; - Provision of designer supervision over construction activities; - Provision of organizational and pre-project arrangements during siting stage; - Provision of a Declaration of Intent as well as Construction Ecological Feasibility Report during siting stage; - Provision of Environmental Impact Assessment.