Ukraine Presented Rockets at Paris Air Show

On June 17, the Ukrainian Design Bureau "Pivdenny" together with the State Enterprise "Southern Machine-Building Plant" and other companies presented their latest developments at the 53rd Paris Air Show in Le Bourget. These included mock-ups of active and advanced carrier rockets, a spacecraft model and a cryogenic fuel tank.

Key Points

It is worth to note that one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the world is Paris Air Show. It is held near Paris every two years and becomes a platform for demonstration of new technologies, materials, and samples of aviation and space technology. It is worth to admit that Ukraine is presented by the Design Bureau "Pivdenny," the State Enterprise "Southern Machine Building Plant", the Antonov State Enterprise, Motor Sich JSC, the "Ivchenko-Progress" and the Ukroboronprom.

The exposition presents the mock-ups of the active Antares carrier rocket, the promising RN "Cyclone-4M", "Cyclone-1M" and "Mayak-SH-5", "YuzhSat-1" and the cryogenic fuel tank made on the newest modern production facilities of the Design Bureau "Pivdenne." The Ukrainian light-carrier Cyclone-1M triggered the biggest interest. And on June 18, an agreement on joint activities was already signed within the framework of the development of this project. However, it isn’t noted with whom the Design Bureau has signed an agreement.

The Antonov State Enterprise represents a family of regional An-1x8 aircraft and short take-off and landing aircraft An-188 in Le Bourget.

Antonov reports on a number of meetings with representatives of European companies, as well as from the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Particularly, meetings were held on cooperation development in the areas of modernization of air conditioning system for An-178 and An-124 aircraft; familiarization with the technologies of using high-precision robotic systems for the assembly of "An" aircraft, etc.

Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov also attended the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget. He announced the agreement to purchase 13 An-178 Concern Antonov Aircraft for the Unified Aviation Security and Civil Protection System. These military transport planes are planned to be used in emergencies. For instance, they can be applied for firefighting, rescue operations, as well for the purposes of the National Guard.

International Cooperation

One of the most significant events is the start of international cooperation between Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. The countries have signed agreements related to joint projects in the field of aviation, as well as on the manufacture and supply of equipment for the UAE's land forces.

This was announced by the general manager of the state concern Ukroboronprom Pavlo Bukin after meeting within the framework of the 53rd Paris Air Show 2019. The meeting was held with the Deputy Minister of Defense of the UAE Abdullah Al Hashmi who emphasized future cooperation.

Bukin said that they discussed a wide range of cooperation forms, particularly, actions referred to logistic support for the needs of the UAE Land Forces.

One of the promising projects under discussion is the establishment of joint production of unmanned aerial vehicles on the basis of the development of the Antonov State Enterprise.

Ukraine which is one of the top ten countries in the world with a full cycle of aviation engineering participates in this exhibition on a regular basis.