The Boring Company Has Completed the Second Tunnel beneath Las Vegas: What to Expect

In this article, readers will discover the things connected with the completion of the second tunnel underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center. Get to know the following about a new mode of passenger transportation suggested by Elon Musk:

- Revealing expectations regarding the implementation of the second tunnel;

- About the Boring Company’s first commercial transportation project;

- Testing out the Loop technology.

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Now, it’s time to get acquainted with the topic.

A few years ago, Elon Musk first revealed the idea of a new way on how to solve the traffic jams problem. The Boring Company where Musk performs the CEO role has introduced its vision of subterranean means of transportation. As a result, they implemented a test tunnel in Los Angeles with the goal to show how Tesla electric cars can deliver passengers without stoplights on the route and traffic jams. Later, the Boring Company signed up a contract with a tourism organization from Las Vegas to design a transport solution for the Las Vegas Convention Center.

That is how the grandiose construction procedure started.

About the Second Tunnel by Elon Musk

Thanks to Elon Musk, this year, the Las Vegas Convention Center undergoes great repair transformations. One of the most magnificent characteristics of the new facility will be the superfast transport system that will operate underneath the ground. As the representatives of the Boring Company report, the engineering team has currently finished the excavation step of the tunnel.

The company emphasizes that the end of the first stage is followed by the project worth around fifty-three million US dollars. This solution presupposes a passengers-mover system to deliver people between venues. The first tunnel, as a part of the solution, was completed in February 2020.

As the second tunnel is already finished, engineering specialists focus their attention on the passenger stations above-ground on the tunnel's end as well as a third underground station located in the middle of the object.

The passenger-mover which has the second title as of the Convention Center Loop is planned to open for people in January 2021. It is the period when the yearly Consumer Electronics Show takes place.

Once implemented, the Loop is going to become the first commercial transportation solution developed by the Boring Company. Another one project like that is a test tunnel in California (SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne) which was completed in December 2018.

Breathtaking Features of the Loop

Let’s now consider several advantages that the innovative transportation system will demonstrate. The Loop will be able to shuttle more than four (!) thousand people per hour through both tunnels. Passengers will enjoy super comfy traveling in a range of Tesla electric vehicles.

Talking about the timing, the developers state that it will take around fifteen minutes to get to the final destination if a person has a cross-campus walk on foot. When it comes to overcoming the destination via the Loop, the whole trip lasts less than three minutes. That’s truly magic speed, right?

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Well, regarding the comfy vehicles used within the Loop solution, it should be mentioned that passengers will be packed into Tesla Model 3, Model X, and an innovative tram constructed on the basis of the Model 3 car platform.

According to Steve Hill (the CEO of the Las Vegas Convention Center), the electric tram will be able to deliver from twelve up to sixteen passengers. Tesla electric cars as well as the new electric tram will move through the first as well as the second tunnel autonomously (to be more precise, partially autonomous). The vehicles will start the route with the driver’s support. Then, they will move with the help of specific sensors that are being embedded in the tunnels. So, it seems like the vehicles won’t actually drive without any support.

Regarding the solution readiness, Hill comments that the project hasn’t been influenced by the coronavirus pandemic. However, if it appears that the Consumer Electronics show 2021 is canceled, they will postpone the official introduction of the Loop solution to the public for the next trade event.

The target of the Loop doesn’t consist of serving as traditional public transportation. This solution is for the Las Vegas Convention Center visitors as well as future customers.

The founders of the solution state that it is going to be represented as a free service. What does it mean? As Hill explains, the around fifty-three million US dollars invested in the project (forty-seven million US dollars has already gone to the Boring Company) is considered a sunk cost.

According to the comments given by the Boring Company, in partnership with the Las Vegas Convention Center, they will spend the time between the tunnels completion and the official opening to test out the solution.

Both companies agree that they will implement The Boring Company’s project to support other transportation systems that move folks in Las Vegas. The city is growing which results in tourism growth. So, Las Vegas badly needs the solution to save the city from terrible traffic jams.