Tesla Cybertruck: an automotive industry wonder or a prank?

Tesla, a frontliner of automotive engineering , is aiming to impress the fans once again.

Although most of us have been expecting the next Tesla creation to be the epitome of aggressiveness and attractiveness, the Cybertruck turned out… different. It rolled onto the stage, and the crowd had started to applaud, but the noise quickly waned and it was like a giant question mark floated in the air.

Six people dressed like it’s a dusty post-apocalyptic desert immediately came out of it, hinting us how many seats it has.

Some bloggers called it “polarizing.” Some called it ugly. They said that Tesla competitors sighed with relief.

What does it look like, exactly? Quote, triangles. It’s cold-rolled steel without any painting on.

Revolutionary hull design emphasizing the durability of the vehicle skin rather than its inner carrying construction like in all the modern vehicles. The design that practically every car manufacturer on Earth uses is called “body on frame” and the drawback of such a design is that it does not efficiently utilize all the available space and materials. It is a waste and a mistake from an engineering point of view. The outside of a body-on-frame vehicle serves no other purpose than decoration. The frame carries all the weight while the body merely slows the whole construction down and contributes nothing to its strength.

The first test was a simple sledgehammer swing. A conventional truck’s side door deformed, and no wonder. Cybertruck’s steel door stoically endured the damage and never showed a scratch.

They use the same stainless-steel alloy as in Starship. Very strong, ultra-hard they call it.

They shot it with a handgun 9mm projectile from 10 meters. You can actually see a bullet evaporating into dust as it hits the steel door of a Cybertruck.

It is that tough. No more bothering about scratching it against some tree branches in the woods.

How about the windows? Although you probably cannot shoot the glass, it is still more durable than anything you’ve seen so far on conventional cars: Tesla glass endures incomparably more force than typical industrial glass. Cybertruck windows crack only under direct and deliberate damage. A presentation crew member threw a sizable metal ball at it point blank and although it cracked, it didn’t shatter and remained more or less intact.

It is definitely a great news for drivers who know what an outback gravel road is when someone drives in front of them. Small stones fly into the windshield all the time and with a tough protection like this you just don’t bother.

Another noticeable feature of the Cybertruck is its air suspension system. The algorithm regulates the truck’s clearance according to the surrounding conditions: it is lower on a highway and higher on a wilderness road, it accommodates to the driver’s needs.

And it’s packed with features most people wouldn’t ever need, like autopilot and a 17-inch touchscreen.

There’s a 220V outlet inside which is quite a useful feature: I’d love to power up my laptop somewhere by a countryside river and keep writing my novel.

Does it look like anything else, Musk inquires. Definitely, no.

Ford F150 is the most popular truck in the US, and Tesla aims to beat it at all parameters: the Cybertruck stores 3,500lb compared to Ford’s 2,100lb.

Cybertruck’s tri-motor configuration is more powerful, too. When two of the trucks are bound together back-to-back trying to drag each other, Cybertruck just moves forward steadily while its opponent’s wheels squeal pathetically. Well, maybe the whole matter is about wheel rubber actually. All I know is that the Ford team have already asked for a rematch.

It also is faster than Porsche 911. No kidding, EV’s are that fast on a short distance, and they do outrun petrol cars.

The maximum travel distance is 500 miles, which would be more than enough for most people in their day to day travels.

Hear the final ovations burst out: it’s about unbelievably low starting price of 39,900 USD.

So now we do witness EV’s becoming mainstream. Where is the will, there is the way. The Tesla truck is advertised as generally better than internal combustion engine-based ones. It is cheaper; the electricity prices are lower which means that it will turn out even cheaper in time and it requires less maintenance which is another way to save. It is brutally tough and powerful. It seems that indeed the most logical decision is to pre-order it because it’s worth the money.

For such a price, there is no other car in the universe with such properties.

However, let’s not forget that the actual design of a mass-produced car might differ, as well as the price. Mind that tri-motor models will only come out in 2022 or later.

Yet, despite all the controversies and suspicions 200,000 people have pre-ordered it as of November 26.