Technophobia 25 Years Ago And Today: Leftism

Ted Kaczynski, a guy with an IQ of 168, killed or mutilated 25 people with his home-made bombs. All to attract attention to the issue of technological slavery and its possible grave implications.

The means Kaczynski chose were indubitably unethical. Why would anyone listen to some geek wacko despite his high intelligence? He's not normal after all and that is why most people don't understand him, his ideas have no value to them. He arrogantly thinks himself to be the only man right while everyone around is blind to the truth: it surely signifies that something's wrong with him, not the people. Doesn't it?

Socially dumb, stubborn, obsessed with work, talented and underestimated. Both Ted and the man who caught him, James Fitzgerald, possess those qualities.

“Quite frankly he is probably smarter than 99.9 percent of the people out there. He took his gift of intelligence and decided to kill people with it”, said Fitzgerald .

The concept of Leftism

Because most goals cannot bring satisfaction (as they are either too easily achievable or beyond reach), people invent themselves false goals: Kaczynski calls them surrogate activities. I may describe it as something done out of sheer boredom but a person would fool themselves into believing they care about what they do. Achievements in these activities, whatever they are, never bring true satisfaction exactly because deep down people really don't care about what they do. These people Kaczynski calls leftists.

One bright example of a surrogate activity is gambling. Most meaningful activities in lives of modern middle-class people are either too easy or prohibited by various regulations, as I mentioned in the article on the Power Process .

Think of some well-off middle-class white male professor who fights for LGBTQA rights although he does not belong to it and never himself experienced any discomfort connected to being an LGBTQA member. This, too, is a surrogate activity. The professor would readily switch it for anything else just to pass his time.

Leftists deny their innate despair and dissatisfaction. Some of them are in passive or active protest. And, according to Kaczynski, all the civilized society is generally leftist. Take a look at the sports (and e-sports) industry, at the entertainment industry; take a look at happiness statistics across the world, at various religious and social movements and how their endeavors end up nowhere.

Technology is the root of evil

Inventions, as they say, cannot be invented back. And each time an invention is widely adopted, it bites off a piece of freedom.

At first, people seem to have a choice. Then, technology becomes a necessity and a curse.

Electricity was meant to reduce workload and was met with euphoria; eventually, thanks to it, people are “free” to work all around the clock, talk to their family less, etc.

Transportation was meant to allow people and cargo cover great distances: now we have noise pollution, smog, traffic accidents, global centralization issues that cause the destruction of ecosystems, global warming, long commutes, etc.

Chemical medicine was meant to save lives, what a noble purpose! As cynical as it sounds, now, a weak, genetically fragile human specimen may breed weak children who suffer from diseases all their life. Are they going to live a happy one? Are they going to die anyway?

The next step, as Kaczynski had predicted, would be genetic engineering. Foolish enough, we are going to welcome it first because it might potentially be a cure for a number of diseases. Then regulations and obligations will follow; aggressive genes might be considered dangerous to society and subjected to modification; the rich will be able to afford better modifications (and keep aggressive genes) that will further increase inequality gap and so on.

Needless to say, technology is a double-edged sword and on top of that it enforces the rich minorities who effectively restrict freedoms of the majority. It is neither just nor ethical as well.

That's a bit of anti-utopia for you today. Sleep well.