Tesla Cybertruck: Official Presentation of the First Musk’s Pickup

This writing is going to reveal everything you would like to know about the latest Tesla’s invention — a futuristic pickup Cybertruck. If this intrigues you, keep reading!

Tesla Cybertruck: Official Presentation of the First Musk’s Pickup

You may not share this point of view, but it seems that Tesla has built its empire on convincing consumers to buy things they didn’t know they wanted. It is true that when the world had no idea of Tesla the majority perceived electric cars as clumsy golf carts with a “small-minded” goal to move across the golf links. Again, such ideas were in people’s minds before the company came along.

Nowadays, a half of people worldwide see Tesla electric cars in their dreams. Tesla covers most of the major segments for vehicles that actually satisfy quite a large percentage of public who may afford that financially: the Model S (large sedan), compact Model 3 (midsize sedan), large Model X (SUV), Model Y (crossover), supercar Roadster, and the latest Musk’s invention called Tesla Cybertruck.

Cybertruck vehicle contributes to the final third aspect of Tesla’s strategy to win the hearts and minds of a mass-market audience. That started with the launch of Tesla Model 3 in July 2017 and proceeded with the introduction of the Tesla Model Y in March 2019.

Do you remember what Elon Musk commented in October 2018? He told that he “can’t point out the details but it is gonna become a truly futuristic device like the pickup from a “Blade Runner” movie.” After that, people started waiting for something extremely awesome, wonderful, and heart-stopping. “I don’t know whether people will purchase the pickup truck. But I actually don’t care!” admitted Musk. However, he made a great effort to create a marvelous thing and, finally, Elon Musk succeeded as he usually does.

The lack of competition (check all of them at Electric Car Competitors 2018 ) provides Tesla with the opportunity to be the instant leader once Cybertruck appears on the streets.

Revealing Cybertruck Technical Features

During the official presentation which took place on the night of November 22-23, Elon Musk demonstrated to the audience the sixths electric car by Tesla. This time, it was a pickup-like Cybertruck.

This vehicle is considered a future “official pickup of Mars.” Cybertruck possesses an ultra-high-strength steel hull. It may overcome the distance starting from four hundred up to eight hundred kilometers on one charge.

Without exaggerations, the new electric vehicle shocked the audience with its futuristic appearance. Well, Cybertruck looks like it came from movies about the post-apocalyptic world: it has angular styling and tapered look.

Tesla Cybertruck functions on an electricity basis. It gains the speed as of a hundred kilometers per hour for three seconds. That is despite the fact that the vehicle with the top options weights up to one point six tons. Its length is around six meters, the width is two meters, and the height is up to two meters.

Cybertruck as well as other electric cars of the company is equipped with autopilot and independent parking functions. The truck’s salon is able to hold up to six people. It also has a freaky steering wheel and a big touch screen. However, the salon lacks a dashboard.

They should mention a phenomenal capacity of Cybertruck. In the official video during the presentation, we could witness that Cybertruck pulls a powerful Ford F150 along at the moment when Ford tries to go in the opposite direction. Elon assured the guests that Cybertruck crushes any off-road scenario. This is possible due to adaptive air suspension and around forty centimeters of ground clearance.

By the way, as an addition to Cybertruck, Musk represented an electric quadrunner which may be put in the back of the truck and get charged from it. He also showed off a few pictures of Cybertruck on Tesla’s official website accompanied by trailer and camping gear, thus hinting at the launch of possible accessories soon.

Cybertruck will be available for purchase in three configurations:

·         Single Motor RWD: it has rear-wheel drive, one engine, gains the speed 6.5 seconds up to a hundred kilometers per hour, top speed is one hundred seventy-six kilometers per hour, cruising range starts from four hundred kilometers, towed trailer weight is 3.4 tons;

·         Dual Motor AWD: it possesses the all-wheel drive, two engines, gains the speed 4.5 seconds up to a hundred kilometers per hour, the maximum speed is one hundred ninety-three kilometers per hour, cruising range starts from four hundred and eighty kilometers, towed trailer weight is 4.5 tons;

·         Tri Motor AWD: it has all-wheel drive, three engines, gains the speed 2.9 seconds up to a hundred kilometers per hour, top speed is two hundred and nine kilometers per hour, cruising range starts from eight hundred kilometers, towed trailer weight is 6.3 tons.

A few words should be mentioned here about the options for charging the vehicle. So, Tesla suggests the following methods:

·         A vehicle may be charged at home;

·         At Destination Charging locations;

·         By means of Tesla’s network of more than fourteen thousand Superchargers based on Tesla’s newest V3 solution.

Crash-Test which Failed

Unfortunately, during the presentation on the stage there occurred something unexpected (both for Musk and the audience). The details are further.

As it was stated, Cybertruck is manufactured of an extremely strong stainless steel. So, Elon organized a crash-test right on the stage. He asked his assistant to hit the truck’s door with a sledgehammer. The door didn’t get a single scratch!

However, the glass failed to withstand the test. Again, Musk asked his assistant to toss a metal ball in the Cybertruck’s window. As a result, the glass didn’t break but cracked a bit. Though, the founder of Tesla brand promised that the new pickup truck could handle the gunshot from a nine-millimeter revolver.

Anyway, all of us shouldn’t be frustrated as a new challenge appears for Tesla here and we will closely follow that.

How about the Price?

The cost of Cybertruck in the basic configuration will cost around be forty thousand US dollars, a model capable of driving four hundred and eighty kilometers will cost up to fifty thousand US dollars, and the most advanced version will cost seventy thousand US dollars.

Tesla is already taking orders on the site. For pre-order, you need to leave a deposit of $ 100. Note that the company started to accept pre-orders on its official website , but did not specify the time for the pickup truck to go on sale. The info they currently operate is that the Cybertruck production will begin in 2021 (versions with three engines will be available not earlier than in 2022).

Manufacturing Quantity of Cybertruck

Cybertruck will be unlike the Model 3 and Model Y in sales. The reason is that Tesla’s most recent car was designed for “hard” purchase. That is why they shouldn’t be “over-engineered.” The most premium Model S and X are produced in the quantity around one hundred thousand items per year, so, it is logical that Cybertruck requires an increasingly smaller quantity.

Musk once summed up that “from a volume standpoint, Cybertruck is not the key thing in the long-term perspective.” However, the exact quantity is kept in secrecy for now.