Engineers broaden our reality and minds

Not a single significant invention has been made without a participation of an engineer. The real world is filled with roads, airports, engines, and equipments. The real world needs a qualified person to create, operate and maintain these things.

We cooperate with specialists who are experienced in all types of engineering: like mechanical, electrical, quality, aeronautic, software and civil engineering.

They are skillful in aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, composite analysis, propulsion, modeling, testing, manufacturing, repair and technical support and can be an engineering element of your project.

Engineering element for a corporate world

Most often, corporations are looking for science-based solutions and specialized workforce. Therefore, rare skills are in demand. The owners of such skills and knowledge in areas like mockup and prototype, overhaul, aircraft modification, computing, electronics, thermodynamics and telecommunications

We help to connect a business sector and technical and engineering employees as sometimes they are a missing element for each other. When the efforts of both sides are put together, a better reality comes out.


Leslie Cantu

Perspiciatis illum

Engineering Manager, Native Apps

Kyiv, UA


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